There's so much talent lurking in the depths of the music industry. But with such a cluttered business, it's sometimes hard for them to battle their way to the top and gain the recognition they so deserve.

Conrad Vingoe

Conrad Vingoe

Because of this, we sometimes like to highlight those we believe need to receive a huge amount of attention - and the beginning of 2015 is no different.

Here are three artists and their forthcoming releases which we think everybody needs to know about.

[SINGLE] Conrad Vigoe - 'Fail' - released January 26

Conrad Vigoe has won awards for his songwriting, and in a new collection of folk-esque tracks has lent his touch to the tunes included in a forthcoming album. The lead single from that collection is upcoming release 'Fail'.

"[It] just sort of fell out, I like the sense of urgency we captured on the recording. It's possibly the most literal and autobiographical song on the album." says the man himself of the track. Check it out and the music video for it above.

[ALBUM] Amelia Curran - 'They Promised You Mercy' - released January 26

Hailing from Halifax, Amelia Curran is excited to hit the UK with her brand new album ahead of the start of a whole new tour, which kicks off on January 30.

Her newest collection of tracks, 'They Promised You Mercy' hopes to show off her poised, focused and consummate work ethic alongside her brilliant songwriting talent. Check out the album's first single 'I Am the Night' above.

[SINGLE] Tini - 'Send My Star' - released January 26

Taken from the debut album of rising Norwegian star Tini, 'Send My Star' is a song that shows just how unique a talent Tini truly is, with a sass, style and enigmatic personality to rival some of the greats.

She's charmed her native country and even had one of Oslo's trendiest bars name a drink after her, and now she couldn't be more excited to try and break the UK. In her camp's words - "It's Tini time..."

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