Celebrating the recent release of his fantastic single Hook Up The Bass, we asked talented musician Vidorra to let us know 15 things he'd like us - and all of his fans - to know about him! Here's what he had to reveal...

  1. Vidorra almost moved into professional football as a young teen, training every day as a 13 year old. Football was my main passion until injuries kept tickling my interest in music production! I’d been playing instruments such as the saxophone and drum kit since the age of 7!
  2. Vidorra is a feminist. I spend 50% of my time living with my mother and sister and enjoy female company a lot! I love the homeliness and caring atmosphere I get with them.
  3. Vidorra is extremely spiritual. I like to think and act in terms of life and that we are all beautiful, loving souls at the core, and I think it’s important to seek to understand before trying to be understood.
  4. Vidorra has the sexiest skin complexion regarded as a warm mocha. This is simply fact, no opinions here...
  5. Vidorra is a “Mummy’s boy”. I have an oddly close and childish relationship with my mum that all my family are impatiently waiting for me to grow out of. I’m responsible but it’s fun being silly!
  6. Vidorra loves over-the-top fashion and clothing. I love thinking of fashion as an art form. My music and my art that I draw is all so abstract and detailed that I love to see that in fashion too. I love the visuals of fashion but also the 4D experience, being able to feel clothing too.
  7. Vidorra and his brother built a home studio above his parents garage. It had to be done! We have a clean space away from the world where we can get quiet in our minds and create the best music possible that we can.
  8. Vidorra has a passion for dancing. I dance in front of the mirror everyday of my life. I want to perform like Michael Jackson one day, but in my own way! I don’t take lessons or watch other people. I simply love the feeling of just going for it. 
  9. Vidorra is of Indian descent. My parents moved to the UK 30 years ago when my older brother was four years old! I have an older sister too.
  10. Vidorra wants to live in a tribe in the wilderness one day. I don’t know if I really want to, but the idea is something that exists pretty prominently in me! I like the idea of a simple but intense life, and I am finding that in my current life without having to retreat to the caves! So I am currently very fulfilled.
  11. Vidorra is growing his hair for Indian traditions as long hair gives you special powers! From experience when I have grown my hair long I feel much stronger and more myself. As a kid I always wanted long hair but my school never let me and I didn’t understand it. I believe it really gives me strength. 
  12. Vidorra’s favourite album is Jeffery by Young Thug. One of my favourite albums! Also Slime Season 3 by Young Thug. I never recorded my own vocal because I thought it was too different. Young Thug inspired me to f**k everything and do you for a greater purpose, and that’s exactly what I do now. He really inspires me to this day. 
  13. Vidorra will expand his record label ‘What She Order’ to hundreds of artists across the globe. One day I would love to enable as many great artist as I can from around the world to collaborate with each other and release music and have opportunities to grow as artists in a safe and loving environment, and I believe I can help orchestrate that!
  14. Vidorra is an EDM fan at heart and one day will play at Tomorrowland. I would love to play at Tomorrowland. The magic and beauty seems ever present. It has a special place in my heart. It was the ‘Heaven on Earth’ referred to as a young music producer.
  15. Vidorra makes music to bring happiness to the people of the world forever and ever and ever and ever... There’s one reason I truly make music, when you go down to the core, and that is because music gave me the best sensation I’ve ever experienced, from an early age too. I believe it simply changes lives, I’ve seen it for myself in myself, and I want to take responsibility to be able to share that with people.

You can listen to Vidorra's single Hook Up The Bass below:

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