Has your year been sub-par? Possibly even the worst year of your life?

Don’t fret, Jack Wesley, JJ, and Griff, have the antidote to your ailments. It’s called: groove, 808s, mindset alignment and, oh yeah, matching tracksuits!

Our sound, nay, our vibe is sure to elevate your spirits - and your libido. We take pride in being serious about not being serious. We don’t even know the months in order and to us, every day is Saturday.

Are we stupid, you ask? Nope. We just treat every day of the month and every month of the year like a holiday. And that sounds pretty smart, doesn’t it?

Life is short. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too short. We are 18, 19, 20 year-olds. WTF! It’s not time to be serious about ANYTHING, except having a good time. We bring the beat and the beach to your feet, 24/7/365. Join us, it’s fun. Really fun!

Trust us... Stop! Take three minutes... RIGHT NOW. Think about your day and forget about your responsibilities, your priorities, this damn virus and other God-awful things happening worldwide.

MENTAL HEALTH, brothers and sisters. This s**t can bring you down! Blah to the pandemic, politics and pollution. Important, yes, and thank God Greta’s on it! Full props Ms. Thunberg and all of the righteous one. We need ya, for sure!

But all the whack stuff brought on by the old folks ain’t gonna define us. No way. Not gonna bring us down. Not gonna be our narrative.

Run with us as we search for the silver lining. And help us turn that silver into gold. We got this.

Haters may tell you that we are selling dreams of a reality that are far-fetched, but no way! Together, we go for it! Just gotta believe and LET GO!

For those lucky enough to catch the .wav, you know where we’re headed. Full mind escape to a better place!

Inspire, love, live life and LAUGH!

As we always say: you can laugh with us, or you can laugh at us, but as long as you’re laughing, we’re good! Your attitude depicts your latitude. You dig?

The .wav is rolling and we think you should hop on.

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