The Saturdays

The Saturdays

Their new single 'All Fired Up' comes out next week, and The Saturdays are looking ahead to their third album later this year.

We caught up with the girls to chat about the single, their upcoming new album and touring.

-Are you excited for 'All Fired Up' to be released?
We can't wait! It's the most dancey track we've done so far, so it's really exciting for us. It's something really different. We can't wait.

-Even though, as you said, it's different, do you think fans will love it as much as your older stuff?
Yeah, I think they're embracing it. Right now, dance music is huge. We can judge the reaction from when we're performing it live, and the reaction on Twitter or Facebook. It's all very positive, and has been requested on a lot of radio stations.

That's gauging whether it's going down well or not, and it is. We wanted to take that little step away from the old stuff we were doing, and it seems to be okay for them, so that's good.

-Were you pleased with the way the video turned out?
Yeah, definitely. We wanted this one to be kinda graphic-y and more fashion-based, which I think it is. It's different for us, because it hasn't got a storyline, which a lot of our videos have done. Like, 'Ego' we were super heroes, 'Notorious' we were secretaries. It's more...perhaps cooler, this one. It's just different for us.

-You mentioned 'Notorious', were you pleased with the reaction and how well it did in the charts?
Yeah, I mean we love 'Notorious' - it's one of our favourite songs. That went down really well, and whenever we do a live show, as soon as that beat kicks in the crowd goes mental. We love that.

-You've done the Headlines tour this year. How was that?
We had the Headlines Tour at the beginning of the year, and that was our theatre tour. Now we're moving onto arenas, and it's a big step. We're all looking forward to it.

We can do so much more in an arena, production-wise, dancers, everything. We've got more albums now to work with. We're onto our 11th single now. We'll do all the oldies, but we'll definitely have a lot from the new album in there, which we've actually written quite a lot of.

-Have you done much writing before this album?
We've done a bit of writing before, but we've never done as much as we have with this album. We've written half the album, so that's a big thing for us.

-How's work going on the next album then?
It's pretty much done, we're 90% there. We just need to go put the finishing touches to it. We had a meeting the other day and picked what songs we wanted on the album. We've written quite a lot. We have got an album there.

-It was mentioned that 'All Fired Up' is a bit of a departure, so what can fans expect from the album?
It won't any more dancey than 'All Fired Up', that's as dancey as we'll get now. Our next single will be something along the lines of a ballad. There are a couple of ballads.

'Notorious' was quite dancey as well. There are a few more dancey tracks as well, but not as much as 'All Fired Up'. If we crossed the line anymore there we'd be too hardcore!

-Going back to the tour, you were on the road fairly solidly in February. Was it hard spending that much time on the road?
No, that is our favourite thing, to go out on tour and meet the fans, perform everything. That is the best part of our jobs.

-How do you unwind on tour, besides the shows?
You have to unwind after the shows. You come off the stage on a high, but you have to learn how to relax and save your energy for the next show. Get lots of rest.

Even when travelling, we're going to have a tour bus now where we'll get to chill out, watch movies, take a lie down if you want. Leave the party 'till the wrap party, that's when we can go wild.

-How was it taking Six D and Twenty Twenty on the road with you?
Oh, it was so much fun! They're so nice. Every time that we see them, we have a catch-up and see how they're getting on. Both those bands seem to be doing really well, so that's really nice.

-Is the step up to arenas something you're nervous about, or just excited?
Definitely just excited. Obviously on the opening night, we'll be very nervous. At the moment, we're just so excited. We want to get into rehearsals and do it all.

-What preparation goes into the tour before you actually get tour there?
Oh, months. We've already planned that we're going to have our dancers, and we've been auditioning them. Lots of choreography, the stage and production of the visuals.

We have a massive say in everything, we go to all the planning meetings. We just want to put on a big show. It's in December, so everyone'll be in a good mood with Christmas coming up.

It'll be like one big party, that's how we see it. A lot of our songs are very uplifting and up tempo as well.

-There's still some time before that tour, so what do you have planned in the meantime?
We've got the album coming out in November. We're going to have another single before then. It's all-go really, no stops.

-What shout-out would you give to your fans?
Just thank you so much for the support you've given us for the last four years. Keep a look out for the album in November. We think it's our best yet. It's definitely our most personal, because we've written on it.

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