Since his X Factor win in 2009, Joe McElderry has not stopped creating! He has been singing and performing through the years since his success on the show. Now he tells us a little about his lockdown life, performances, and other creative engagements.

Joe McElderry / Picture Credit: Catherine Hockley

Joe McElderry / Picture Credit: Catherine Hockley

Since your X Factor win in 2009, it’s clear you still love performing! Do you have any events coming up soon, virtual or otherwise, that you can tell us about?

Yes! Although it's a strange time I have been lucky to have lots of online shows and quiz nights and games nights that we have been doing in lockdown and are carrying on all the way through February and March, every Friday and Saturday night. 

What has been your inspiration over the years when it comes to writing new music/creating?

I think your inspiration changes all the time, whether that be life events that have happened, music you have heard or normally if I am on tour performing, I always get inspired for new music. 

Are you looking forward to this month’s ‘Live in your Lounge’ event? Can you tell us a bit about that please?

Yes, I feel so lucky that I have been able to do these online shows as it has been a way to still perform and connect with my very loyal audiences through these crazy times! We have a lot of fun in the shows; lots of games, music, Q&A and just a bit of a release for everyone. We are carrying them right through Feb and March and all details on how to join are on my website.

With the recent release of Baby Had You Fun, could you tell us how it was going from ballad-type songs, to a more upbeat and disco genre?

I mean I have always done many genres over the years but this is very different. I really just wanted to release a fun, uplifting track for people to feel good! Although it’s a break-up song, it's a hopeful break-up song. 

How was it playing the titular role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece Joseph and the Technicoloured Dreamcoat? (One of our favourite plays!) 

I absolutely loved it! It was two amazing years of absolute joy the audiences and the music are so uplifting when working on that show! It's one of my fave projects I have done.

Just briefly, can you tell us about your time on The Jump? How was it preparing for that?

I didn’t really get to prepare as I went into the show very last minute due to other contestants and reserves for the show being injured. But I actually think it helped in a way as I didn’t have any time to freak out or worry, I just had to get on it with it! It was a tough show but we had so much fun being in Austria for the month and filming such an intense show!

On your Instagram you mention a diet/workout – could you tell us how you keep to the diet and your exercise during lockdown?

I mean, it’s a lot harder to find your motivation, but I have been pushing through, but also not punishing myself. These are really abnormal times and we just have to do what we can to make ourselves feel better and get through this time. I have found walking and a workout have massively helped me out and stopped my mind from running.

How was it being back on a dancefloor, via your photo on Instagram?

It was amazing! Although all of us there wanted to have a night out and we couldn’t! (laughs) But it was wonderful to be back on a video set and creatively being able to work in a time where so many of us can't.

Do you have any advice for those struggling in lockdown?

I think keeping in touch with people via Zoom and FaceTime massively helps. I have done lots of games and brunches with friends and family virtually, and also getting out in the fresh air is great for the mind.

Speaking of lockdown, other than your living room concerts, what else has kept you busy?

I have been doing lots of writing sessions via Zoom and obviously, creating my new single Baby Had Your Fun has kept me busy with all the behind-the-scenes work and promotion!

Can you tell us a bit about your brilliant work with If U Care Share Foundation?

I became an ambassador of If U Care Share just over a year ago! They are a suicide prevention charity and do amazing work!

We had planned on doing lots of community work together but Covid has made that a bit more difficult, but we are planning lots of things for when we can get back out there properly!

How was it being on the Men Tell podcast?

It was great. I think its really important to that we share our experiences and talk about things like the Men Tell podcast, because it massively helps other people and even if it just helps one person, it is so worth it.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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