Andre 3000’s daily routine consists of “music and more music”.

Andre 3000 in BLAG magazine

Andre 3000 in BLAG magazine

The Outkast musician – whose real name is Andre Benjamin - is back with his debut solo album 'New Blue Sun'.

Shining an insight into his working process in an interview from the archives of the relaunched BLAG magazine, Andre admitted that his life revolves around creating music and ideas for songs.

He said: “The typical day. I’ll get up, listen to songs I’ve worked on last night, see if they still sound good to me. I will get breakfast, but usually breakfast is lunch for me because I may not get up until 1 or 2pm. Go buy something, or go look for something. Find something to snack on. Music. More music. Ummm... Go see a movie. Work on more music. Go to sleep. Get back up and repeat it and see if I like what I worked on last night!”

BLAG is revisiting the times they’ve worked together with Andre for a special cover feature with interviews, along with unseen and rarely seen photographs and Polaroids.

BLAG is back after an unexpected and extraordinary hiatus.

British twins Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards founded the publication but were involved in a major bikes accident in central London in December 2021 resulting in very serious injuries with multiple broken bones, tissue and membrane damage in their left arms, elbows and hands each, damaged ribs and legs. Sarah’s face had multiple broken bones and teeth and embedded debris in her chin.

The twins spent much time rehabilitating with some gruelling experimental physiotherapy to rebuild their left arms each and relearn how to use their wrists and hands.

The magazine is available for pre-order and all orders at and all orders placed will go towards Sally and Sarah’s relaunch.

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