Angus and Julia Stone would love to play Glastonbury.

Angus and Julia Stone (c) Daniel Mayne

Angus and Julia Stone (c) Daniel Mayne

The 'Big Jet Plane' hitmakers are yet to play the world-famous festival in Somerset, but they have it on their "bucket list".

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, the brother-and-sister duo - who formed the folk pop group in 2006 - said: "Glastonbury is definitely on our bucket list! We'd love it. It's such an iconic festival with an incredible history."

The pair admit that like other famous musician siblings, such as former Oasis stars Liam and Noel Gallagher, they have had their fair share of arguments, but they have too much love for their music and respect for each other to let it get in the way of their dream career.

They said: "Well, I think ultimately, we really respect each other and understand that all relationships need space. It wasn’t always like this but we love making music together so much that we had to work through the other stuff to keep doing this. Over the years we've learned to communicate and respect each other's perspectives. The key is to remember why we started making music together in the first place and to keep perspective about how bloody lucky we are to be doing this."

The pair are back with their first album in seven, years, 'Cape Forestier', and admit they missed working together.

They said: "It feels amazing to be back! It's like coming home after a long journey. We've missed sharing our music and connecting with our fans. The time away was necessary, we’ve always found that space works really well for us creatively but yeah, it definitely felt like time to play music together again."

The LP includes their version of Bob Dylan's 'I Want You', and they would love to do a full album of covers by the folk music legend.

They said: "Absolutely! We’ve done so many covers over the years. We love re-interpreting songs and one day our favourites from all the songs we’ve done would make for a really beautiful record I think."

Angus and Julia Stone play Bristol Beacon and The Royal Albert Hall on the 27th and 28th May. Their new album, Cape Forestier, is out now via Play It Again Sam.

(c) Daniel Mayne - @danielmayne