BLACKPINK are preparing to make their comeback "soon".

BLACKPINK will return 'soon'

BLACKPINK will return 'soon'

The K-Pop girl group's band member Jennie has let slip that the 'Sour Candy' hitmakers will be returning with new music shortly.

Taking part in the YouTube channel The Game Caterers' games series alongside other popular K-Pop acts recently, the 26-year-old singer teased: “BLACKPINK is also making a comeback soon. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but since I’m the only [BLACKPINK member] here, I’ll just say it.

“Please look forward to it. Thank you very much.”

The group - completed by Jisoo, 26, Lisa, 24, and Rose, 25 - haven't released new music since their 2020 debut studio LP 'The Album'.

However, Jeon Somi accidentally leaked what appears to be a new track by the band while on Instagram Live last week.

The 20-year-old rapper was looking for a free recording studio at YG Entertainment HQ, when she stumbled into a room with the song playing.

Jeon immediately ran out of the room.

Several BLACKPINK fans believe they heard Jennie's vocals on the track, but there has been no word from the band at the time of writing.

Their acclaimed album featured the collaborations 'Bet You Wanna' with Cardi B and 'Ice Cream' with Selena Gomez.

BLACKPINK also released the Netflix documentary, 'Light Up the Sky', which documented their journey to global superstardom.

The film tracks the early stages of their career, right up until their 2019 Coachella performance.

In a statement, BLACKPINK - who formed in Seoul in 2016 - said at the time: "We can't wait to share our personal stories with Blinks all over the world through Netflix!

"We hope this film will bring joy and light to the viewers, and they will enjoy seeing our journey together on screen from the past four years."