Brett Anderson has learned to embrace Suede's "stuttering start".

Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson

The 51-year-old singer reflected on the group's early days for his autobiography, 'Coal Black Mornings', and having to "forensically detail" their beginnings has given him a new appreciation for the difficulties they experienced.

He said: "Forensically detailing he stuttering start of Suede's early years made me cherish them much more.

"Previously, I'd brushed that period under the carpet, certainly professionally, but I realised that the inglorious detail is just as much part of the story.

"And without failure, there's no success."

The book ended just before the 'Trash' hitmakers achieved huge mainstream success, and Brett enjoyed doing something unexpected.

He said: "I thought that was more interesting and unexpected to end where most rock biographies start.

"There was something bloody-minded about that that appealed."

The 'Animal Nitrate' singer previously vowed not to write another book but he's now working on a second memoir chronicling the band's success, 'Afternoons With The Blinds Drawn', as he found a way to make their well-known story "interesting", and because he enjoyed penning the first far more than he expected.

He told MOJO magazine: "I found a way of writing about it. How to tell a story that's been told before, in an interesting way?

"I decided to look at what happened to me, almost psychologically, when someone goes through the mechanics of success and gets chewed up by the machine.

"Also, I didn't expect to enjoy the process of writing so much.

"For decades I've been splurging how I feel in songs, but it's much more naked in a book, and I wanted to write more.

"I'd like to write another book after that one, but I don't know what about.

"It'll have to have 'Evenings' in the title. Some wag on Facebook said I should call it 'Parents Evenings', which I thought was funny."

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