BTS star Jin felt a “nervous excitement” before his first post-military service performance - and "drowned out" his "emotions" onstage.

Jin being discharged from army service in South Korea

Jin being discharged from army service in South Korea

The day after he was discharged from his mandatory army stint last month, as part of the South Korean boy band's 'Festa' celebrations, Jin treated fans to a performance of the never-heard-before extended version of his solo song ‘Super Tuna’.

And he has since confessed he was on the brink of bursting into tears but didn't want to show his fans how "emotional" he was feeling.

He told the Weverse Magazine: “When you’re in the army, there’s a lot of restrictions in place, and none of the stuff you have is your own, which isn’t always easy.

“But once I was onstage, I had my fans in front of me, my own mic and in-ears, and everything about it felt just the way I remembered. It felt like I was home.”

He added: "The fans might not want to hear this, but I tried really hard not to let the feeling sink in.

“I mean, it was the very next day after I got out of the army. I didn’t have much time to practise, and it’d been forever since I last sang.”

The eldest member of the K-pop group - also comprising RM, 29, Suga 31, Jung Kook, 26, J-Hope, 30, V, 28, and Jimin, also 28 - said: “I had to put on a good show for the fans, so I couldn’t let myself get choked up to the point I couldn’t sing."

Jin, 31, also promised he is working hard to get his solo album "done fast".

He said: “Fortunately, the guys all finished making their own albums before enlisting, and now Jimin’s is coming out. That made me think I better not wait too long to release mine after his is out, so I’m working to get it done fast."

The music star - whose real name is Kim-Seok-jin - had been working as an assistant drill instructor at a training facility in the country.

Upon his return, he hugged 1,000 fans at a special event.