Chaka Khan has hit out at record company bosses for making singers compete against each other.

Chaka Khan has called for musicians to support one another rather than compete over chart places

Chaka Khan has called for musicians to support one another rather than compete over chart places

The 71-year-old 'Queen of Funk' believes artists need to stay “honest and faithful” to themselves instead of buying into the idea that they should be trying to score more sales and streams than their fellow artists.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz and other media, she said: "Competition is just horrific and wrong.

“Right now, we need to start with this thing – which is something with each other. These labels and businesses count on who can (do better) – but there is no competition.

“Be honest and faithful to yourself and your self-expression and don't be afraid and don't be competitive.

"These days you just have to be about what your goals are about, and staying true to yourself. That’s a big thing to do.”

Chaka – born Yvette Marie Stevens - has enjoyed a number of smash hit singles during her illustrious career, including ‘I’m Every Woman’, 'Ain't Nobody', 'Do You Love What You Feel' and 'I Feel For You'.

But the former Rufus vocalist doesn't live in the past and she doesn't dwell on her former glories.

She said: “I’m not about nostalgia – the only thing I’m really interested in is what’s happening is in this moment.

“And we have to own this moment. I’m a ‘”Next Girl” – I’m not a nostalgic girl; I can’t remember what I did and I don’t recall what I’ve done.

“I don’t get caught get caught up in things I can’t control. I can only get caught up in what I can have an effect on now.”

Chaka has been named as the latest music star to curate the Meltdown festival at London’s Southbank Centre, following in the footsteps of late rock legend David Bowie, Grace Jones, Yoko Ono and others.

The festival will take place from 14 to 23 June, and Chaka has said the event will be “where magic of music meets the warmth of community”.

She added: “We’re going to funk it up, rock every crowd, and touch every soul.”

The Southbank Centre’s head of contemporary music Adem Holness said: “I’ve learned how important community, activism, love and care are to her so these ideas, along with brilliant music, will be the foundation of Meltdown.”

Chaka is using the festival to mark her 50 years in music after she hit the landmark in 2023 following the release of her 1973 debut album 'Rufus'.

Her first solo single ‘I’m Every Woman’ released in 1978 is among the classics of the disco era, and Chaka has released 13 solo albums to this date.

Chaka will also perform a run of UK shows this summer including at the Nocturne Live concert series at Blenheim Palace in London on 13 June.

Tickets for that can be bought at

She is also set to perform at the Love Supreme Jazz Festival on 7 July – with tickets available at

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