Prodigy frontman Maxim burnt his artwork after his bandmate Keith Flint died by suicide.

Maxim admitted it didn't 'feel right' making the art after Keith Flint died

Maxim admitted it didn't 'feel right' making the art after Keith Flint died

The 56-year-old vocalist and artist created a series of artworks of famous people who died aged 27, who are part of the so-called 27 Club, who passed away as a result of drug and alcohol abuse or suicide.

However, after his beloved bandmate tragically took his own life in 2019, aged 49, he couldn't carry on with his drug-themed artwork and took it out into the garden and set it on fire.

He told "I painted a lot of art then. It’s another form of expression for me, just like the band and like designing my own clothes."

Maxim continued: "I can’t actually remember that time. I think I blocked it out.

"When you’re in it you can’t imagine getting through it, but here I am four-and-a-half years later.

"Of course, the dynamic has changed.

"He’s not here. We go on. But his spirit is here."

The 'Firestarter' hitmaker had started the project more than a decade ago, but he didn't want to be seen as part of the artists "cashing in" on someone's passing.

He explained: "Over 10 years ago, I had this concept of doing some artwork with people who’d passed away at 27 and died from drug overdoses. The 27 Club – people like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison.

"I always just tried to push the boundaries of art and because it was drug overdoses, I did these paintings with pills. After that, quite a few people started using pills in their art too.

"But it got to a point where I didn’t feel it was right – and it was probably because of Keith.

"After he died I destroyed them. I burnt them like a bonfire in the back garden.

"I saw people creating artwork after Keith… cashing in. I didn’t want to be any part of that and I vowed not to do musicians then."

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