Frank Turner is “extremely proud - and yet more exhausted” after breaking the world record for the most amount of shows played across multiple cities within 24 hours.

Frank Turner is exhausted after playing 15 sets across the UK in the space of 24 hours

Frank Turner is exhausted after playing 15 sets across the UK in the space of 24 hours

The ‘Recovery’ singer beat previous record-holder Hunter Hayes by playing 15 20-minute sets between Saturday and Sunday (04.05.24 and 05.05.24) across the UK as part of a campaign for the Music Venue Trust and has admitted the effort has left him worn out.

In a statement, he said: “I’m extremely proud — and yet more exhausted — after completing the challenge to get the world record.

"The main drive for me was to highlight the work of independent venues and record shops and the Music Venue Trust, as well as bringing over 3000 people together in 24 hours for a good time.

“I did 24 shows in 24 hours in London in 2009, but this was arguably a bigger challenge, and a more official one. Time for some sleep!”

‘The Way I Tend To Be’ hitmaker took to Instagram on Saturday (04.05.24) to share a “before” photo moments before he embarked on his record-breaking show tour.

The 42-year-old musician wrote: “Here we go friends. 15 shows, 15 towns, 24 hours. This is a terrible idea.

“Thanks to the venues, my crew, the record shops and @musicvenuetrust - let’s do this.”

Frank then uploaded an “after” picture from the stage at his last concert in Southampton.

He captioned the post: “In 2009, for the music video for ‘The Road’, I played 24 shows in 24 hours - all in Greater London. House parties, venues, record shops and more. It was fun but kind of unofficial, and hard work. I didn’t think I wanted to do it again.

“In the last 24 hours, accompanied by my crew (Doug and Tre and Mark), we played 15 shows in 15 different towns around the UK.

“According to the @musicvenuetrust rules, that’s the world record by 5 shows. Every show was at an independent venue, ticketed by an independent record shop. We did it.

“Proud. Tired. Grateful. Long live independent music.”

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