Gareth Dunlop has urged people to support their local music venues.

Gareth Dunlop wants support for small venues

Gareth Dunlop wants support for small venues

The 'Go Down Swinging' singer is aware many have been put off seeing live acts because of the high price of tickets, but he's insisted there are just as entertaining nights to be had at small independent venues as at big stadium shows.

He said: "We’re in a cost of living crisis - being able to check out some live music in your local venue shouldn’t cost more than weekly food shop.

"It takes a village to run the bigger shows and stadium tours - and the ticket price usually reflects that - but there are so many incredible grassroot venues up and down the UK and Ireland putting on great and affordable nights out with a chance to step away from the grind and see some killer live music for the cost of a few of pints.

"That’s the scene that intrigues me the most… a local venue stuffed with curious music lovers who aren’t in the red to be there."

Gareth himself has fond memories of making friends with other music fans at such gigs when he was growing up, and drew inspiration for the artists he saw - something he hopes he can also do for his audiences.

He added: "Growing up in Belfast, I got the chance the see and discover so much live music at grassroot venues…I saw Steve Earl in a packed upstairs bar…I was a few feet away from John Martyn playing an 80 capacity club.

"I made life long connections with people who shared my same passion - and I got inspired by what I heard coming off the stage.

If somebody can get any of those things from a night out at one my shows - I’ll be a happy man. Mission accomplished.

Gareth is heading out on tour next month, visit for dates.