Kasabian are not interested in celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album.

Kasabian don't want to celebrate the past

Kasabian don't want to celebrate the past

The 'Fire' hitmakers would rather look to the future and offer something "new" with their album 'Happenings' than "look back at memories" of writing the songs on their self-titled record.

Serge Pizzorno - who took over frontman duties in 2020 following the dismissal of Tom Meighan - told The Sun newspaper: "The best way to celebrate 20 years is with new music.

“We’re in our third decade and we have something new to say. We don’t need to look back at memories of writing 'LSF'.

“We can talk about this new album and how we have explored new music. It’s amazing that we’ve got this legacy, but songwriting is what I love.

“It’s been nice for us all to move on. We’d never go back — I know too much.”

Serge found the group's 2022 album 'The Alchemist's Euphoria' "hard" to make and knew it was a "test" as to whether they could survive without Tom.

He said: “'Alchemist' was a hard record to make.

“It was hard for so many reasons, but not many bands this century have had six number ones so it was a nice thing to happen with Alchemist after everything we’d been through.

“We went in at Number One and just carried on.

“Of course it was also a test, yeah. It was a tightrope and that was the fear that this could go horribly wrong."

But after touring the record, the 43-year-old singer has settled into his new role.

He said: “My path was written and then I was something else. I don’t think I ever gave myself enough time to think about it as it was just about getting through the night.

“Afterwards, when we finished touring, then I did have a moment of letting out a big breath of ‘I can’t believe what’s just happened’.

“I am on this new journey that was never meant to be and I am learning and loving it. I have a lot of respect for frontmen and the audience as well. People pay money to come and be entertained so you’ve got to entertain them.

“I like that simple transaction.”