Lewis Capaldi’s latest single is a “cash grab”.

Lewis Capaldi says his latest single is a cash gran

Lewis Capaldi says his latest single is a cash gran

The 26-year-old singer is usually known for his ballads but he’s proud to have worked on ‘Pointless’ – a track about being in love – and joked he’s only bringing out the song so that people play it at weddings, earning him more royalties.

He quipped: “It’s not about the TV programme unfortunately, though that would make quite entertaining listening. I’m all about Richard Osman, even though he’s left.

“No, it’s a song about being in love, which for me is almost an alien concept. My songs are usually about falling out of love or being heartbroken or something like that. They don’t often lean towards just a happy love.

“Listen, we’ve got a song like ‘Someone You Loved’, which gets played at funerals. And it’d be nice to have a song like Pointless that gets played at weddings. Basically, it’s a cash grab.”

Lewis co-wrote the song with Steve Mac and Johnny McDaid, with the pair sharing a verse from an unfinished track they’d been working on with Ed Sheeran.

He told Big Issue magazine: “Johnny and Steve said, ‘We’ve got this verse that Ed did if you want to try and have a crack at writing the chorus.’ They were kind of struggling.

“I heard it and I was like, it’s f****** great, tweaked it a little bit, put my stamp on it then wrote the chorus and middle-eight, and Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a tune.

“But me and Ed were never in the same room to write the song. He did that verse with them, left, then got sent the finished song a couple of months after.”