Mark Oliver Everett believes his dad's death helped him to save his own life.

Mark Oliver Everett has opened up about his health woes

Mark Oliver Everett has opened up about his health woes

The 61-year-old singer - who is also known as E - underwent a life-saving operation after an aneurysm was discovered on his aorta during a routine check-up, and Mark admits that losing his dad at the age of 19 led him to become more health-conscious.

The Eels frontman told The Sun newspaper: "The one positive thing I can find from my father dying young is that it’s kept me alive.

"I wouldn’t have known I had this condition if I wasn’t having checks every year."

Asked how he feels now, Mark replied: "I’m totally fine.

"It was a big ordeal of course and it took me a couple of months to recover but I’m as good as new now."

Mark is happy to show off his surgical scar, in a bid to encourage people to get regular check-ups.

He explained: "I felt uncomfortable but I just wanted to bring awareness, so people get checked.

"Luckily chicks dig scars. That’s what The Fonz said!"

Meanwhile, Mark has recalled having a funny encounter with a nurse amid his recovery.

The music star shared: "When I was in recovery, I was in a lot of pain.

"I was hooked up to all these needles and hoses so going to the bathroom was an ordeal.

"One time, there was a new nurse on duty and I was having a really rough night. I kept buzzing her every hour for sleep or pain meds.

"Then in the morning, she came in and said, ‘I heard you were a singer, so I looked you up. I saw that your biggest song on Spotify is called I Need Some Sleep’. And I said, ‘Yep, that’s him!’"