Martin Kemp says Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran were "like Oasis and Blur".

Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp

The 58-year-old musician was the bassist for new wave band Spandau Ballet, and has said the group's chart rivalry in the 80s with 'Hungry Like The Wolf' hitmakers Duran Duran was similar to the infamous feud between heavyweights Oasis and Blur, and The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Martin spoke as he was answering a series of tough questions about his own past for NME magazine, and was asked about Spandau's 1984 face-off against Duran Duran on the TV series 'Pop Quiz'.

When asked what the final score was, he said: "I can't remember the final score, but I know we lost against Duran Duran. That was great and an iconic show. I was always proud of the fact that Spandau and Duran Duran were like Oasis and Blur or The Beatles and the Rolling Stones - where you pick two bands of a generation and you're either on one side or the other. But I still live by the fact I believe Duran Duran cheated on 'Pop Quiz'!"

And when reminded that Duran Duran beat the 'Gold' hitmakers by 12 points, Martin recalled the two groups being "ridiculously competitive".

He added: "We were ridiculously competitive. Whatever they did, we tried to beat - and vice versa. To the point where it wasn't just about what number we were at in the charts, it was about how much money we'd spent on our recent completely overpriced videos and which location we went to film them. Even to the point where we were once at a party and the competition pathetically turned into who could stay up the latest."

However, the groups were never really enemies, with Martin insisting it was "only friendly" between them.

He clarified: "Whenever we met the boys, it was only friendly - and still is."

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