Paul Weller loved "singing someone else's lyrics" on his latest studio album, '66'.

Paul Weller enjoyed interpreting other people's lyrics

Paul Weller enjoyed interpreting other people's lyrics

The Mod Father didn't have much to sing about so Madness star Suggs penned 'Ship of Fools', Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie contributed to 'Soul Wandering', and Noel Gallagher supplied 'Jumble Queen'.

Speaking to Pop Matters, Weller said: “I didn’t feel I had so much to say.

“So I thought, well, I know a lot of other great writers, and I thought I’d utilise that and just kind of get someone else’s thoughts or words.

“I’ve done this sort of thing a few times in recent years, and I’ve really enjoyed it – singing other people’s words.

“When I do that, I’m not as fussy or critical as I would be if they were my lyrics. I can spend days sometimes just thinking about one line. When you’ve got someone else’s words, you’re just there as a vocalist to interpret them.”

Weller's pals Dr Robert, Richard Hawley, Steve Brooks and Max Beesley also make appearances.

The former Jam star - who celebrates his 66th birthday on Saturday (25.05.24) - was asked what drives him and replied: “My love of music.

“I’m very fortunate and very lucky to do what I do. I never take it for granted. Music’s such a brilliant, beautiful, unifying thing. It goes way beyond entertainment. It’s a spiritual thing as well.”