Zara Larsson thinks songwriting can feel like "speed dating".

Zara Larsson has teased her new album

Zara Larsson has teased her new album

The 24-year-old singer has worked with a host of collaborators during her career, and she admits it's been a frantic experience at times.

Zara - who has been working on her new album alongside songwriter Rick Nowels and producer Danja - shared: "The fact that I’m in the studio with them [and am] working with them long term, it’s something that I’ve appreciated a lot.

"I’ve been really lucky to be in the studio with great writers, but it’s been kind of like speed dating a little bit."

Zara has particularly enjoyed working with Rick on her new album.

She said: "It’s like ‘it’s you and me’; like ‘you’re looking into my eyes, and we’re writing this song’, which is great. I feel like it’s authentic and brings out something else."

Zara also explained how her new album differs from her last record, 'Poster Girl'.

She told NME: "The drums are a little harder, the vocals are vocalling a little bit more. I would just say I’ve been taking it up a notch, which is hopefully what I would like to do for every album, just step it up; but this one is really f****** good."

Meanwhile, the 'Lush Life' hitmaker launched her own record label, Sommer House, earlier this year, after she reached an agreement with TEN Music Group CEO Ola Hakansson.

Asked how long she had been planning the move, the pop star replied: "It takes time, it’s been going on for like two and a half years, but I’m so happy that Ola Hakansson who owns TEN records wanted to sell it to me. He was the first person who asked me and of course I said yes."