Zara Larsson is having lessons to be a qualified helicopter pilot.

Zara Larsson is taking lessons to become a qualified helicopter pilot

Zara Larsson is taking lessons to become a qualified helicopter pilot

The 'Symphony' hitmaker is enjoying the challenge and after 100 hours of flying lessons she will have a license to take a chopper wherever she wants.

Appearing on the 'Zach Sang Show', she said: "It’s a fun challenge. Maybe I’ll end up not using it, but I can tell myself, ‘I did that’. And if there’s an emergency, you know who to call.

“I think it’s making up for not graduating high school or something. If you go to the studio and you put down 100 hours you might write a good song. If you put down 100 hours in the air you are getting a certificate.

“It’s very absolute and very much about your own discipline and how you want the outcome to be. It’s fun and something completely different from the music. It’s so not creative in any way.”

The 25-year-old Swedish singer enjoys being in the cockpit because she has to be fully focused on flying and it is a hobby that doesn't allow for distractions.

She added: "There’s so much you need to do. If you fly an aeroplane, once you’re up in the air you don’t need to do too much.

“When you’re flying a helicopter, you have the pedals, you hold one thing with this hand and one thing with this hand. You can’t let go of anything.

“It’s my dream because I can’t be like, ‘Let me just check my phone’. I struggle with that even when I drive. I think it’s good for my brain to be constantly stimulated.”