Dolly Parton - Better Day

Dolly Parton - Better Day

Country legend Dolly Parton has returned with Better Day, her follow-up to 2008's Backwoods Barbie.

The easiest way to describe this is business as usual for the seven-time Grammy winner.

There's nothing on here that will surprise or shock anyone, which makes for a solid albeit predictable album.

It starts strongly with the country-rocker 'In The Meantime', going on to prove that Dolly Parton hasn't lost anything over the years.

The problem with a lot of mainstream contemporary country albums and songs - particularly the albums that get some attention in the UK - is that they generally subscribe to a tried-and-tested style.

Whilst this does mean that Better Day will fit in well with her back catalogue, it does question the necessity of Dolly releasing such an album.

Tracks like 'Somebody's Missing You' and 'Together You And I' provide the typical ballads, although the latter is admittedly a beautiful stand-out track.

Following on from this is the appropriately titled 'Country Is As Country Does', summing up the sound of the album perfectly.

'I Just Might' provides a nice change of pace as the album slows down, and it's on these tender moments that Dolly Parton and Better Day really excel.

The album feels like one of two halves. When it slows itself down, there are some beautifully emotional tracks.

However, the majority here is, unfortunately, a little too familiar.

At this stage in her career, it's perhaps to be expected that Dolly Parton will be sticking to what works.

As understandable as it is, it does result in an album that sounds like something we've heard before.

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