JLS - Beat Again-single-packsho

JLS - Beat Again-single-packsho

With one of the opening lyrics - ‘Losing you could be the end of me’, I was immediately dubious of how credible the song could be; a lyric that in my humble opinion is just a little repetitive? (forgive me for sounding heartless).

It’s not that I find break-up’s/make-up’s uninteresting; it’s simply the idea of hearing this same circumstance in lyric-form for the 400th time this month.

This being said I was immediately enticed by the club-worthy beat, a beat I could easily imagine Akon piping over and heading straight to the number 1 spot.

It’s a good pop song and can easily see it doing well but admittedly seems to lack originality. Not bad though lads, can see it doing well. 

3 stars - Steve Appleton

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