Album Cover 'Obladi Diablo.'

Album Cover 'Obladi Diablo.'

Suzie Stapleton definitely isn’t a pop artist, her new EP titled Obladi Diablo translates that Pop music is evil. So if you’re a fan of the likes of Bieber, this might not be your desired taste.  Stapleton has a distinctive raspy tone, her lyrics are unique and her style is unlike any other artist I have come across. She is certainly a promising artist.

Each of the tracks on the EP is an antidote to the insidious disease that is generic Pop. The combination of Stapleton’s emotive vocals and roaring guitar melodies she is comparable to Rock singer Joan Jett.

The opening track My Cons Are Making A Cripple Out Of Me is a slow-burning rock track with gothic-folk violins, raw vocals and a gentle electric guitar melody.  Song Of The Artesian Water is the next track on the album, more screeching violins make an appearance and this is matched with brooding vocals that send a chill down your spine. It wasn’t my favourite on the EP but I enjoyed the lower register of Stapleton’s vocals.

Bring Back The Night is my favourite on the EP, melodic and soft we hear another style from Stapleton and it creates a lovely contrast. The song eventually builds, electric guitars roar and the dynamic changes but it is still much softer than the other tracks. Hit begins with a slow introduction like Bring Back The Night then the melody hits you in the face with its harsh melody and raucous vocals.

The last track on the album is The Last Note; it is the gem on the album. There is an air of vulnerability in Suzie’s voice which is nice. The prevailing tone leaves a positive note and a lasting impression on the listener, urging to hear more.

There’s a depth of expression and passion on Obladi Diablo you don’t find in the ordinary record. Suzie Stapleton is one of those extraordinary singers that dare to be different and it pays off. I just wish she could hit Pop music in the face and show them what good music can sound like. She may have only just stepped into the radar but I predict promising things for this artist. I was drawn in by her dark and moody sound that incorporates blues with contemporary rock.

Stapleton’s voice is the anchor that holds the entire album together, her rich tone is raw and honest and she isn’t afraid to dig down to the low notes and she proves in tracks such as Bring Back The Night and The Last Note that she doesn’t shy away from the high notes either. Whether she’s whispering intimidations or screaming in despair, Suzie’s voice flows beautifully, never forced or awkward, bringing the listener right into the heart of the song.

The AU review loves her too; they said that ‘Stapleton has an unusual voice. Pervading all singing is a huskiness that approaches Tom Waits territory, but beneath and supporting that is a supremely delicate and precise feel for the moment... like hearing Cat Power at her very best.’

Obladi Diablo is available on iTunes, CD and there is also a limited vinyl edition which includes a bonus track titled Cut Away. I recommend that you buy it, you won’t be disappointed. 

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