It’s hard to believe that Calum Scott is only just embarking on his first headline tour of the UK. This is a young man who has been a household name across the country for some time now, following his stepping into the spotlight on Britain’s Got Talent as Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act. Now though, Calum has stripped away any preconceived notions that he’s simply just another talent show castaway. He’s a fully-fledged artist – not just a singer, but a songwriter and a stellar performer, and that’s no more apparent than for the full hour or so he takes to the stage during his Only Human tour.

Calum Scott on his first headline tour in Manchester's O2 Ritz

Calum Scott on his first headline tour in Manchester's O2 Ritz

Many people in Calum’s position would have let the success go to their head. Not him. He’s incredibly emotional throughout many parts of the show, which last night took place at the O2 Ritz in Manchester. Whether he’s dedicating his gorgeous track You Are The Reason to the city of Manchester and the victims of the bombing at the Manchester Arena, or opening up with an unreleased song that details his coming out to his parents and former friends, Calum is somebody who consistently captures the fragility of life and emotion within his performance.

Relatability for a performer such as Calum is integral to maintaining success, and it’s clear from his opening moments on stage that every single person in the audience can relate to some if not all of his songs in one way or another. Interpretation of the music may be unique for each fan, but in finding their own comparability with Calum, they become closer to him. I say this AS a fan. Every word rings true. This was a concert like no other and I have no problem in admitting I’m filling up right now when writing this. Each song is one that sits in the mind and truly resonates.

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If Calum was hoping to change lives with his music, then I’d say he has succeeded. If he was doing his all to prove that we are one as a human race, and can come together to enjoy the good times and help each other through the bad, then he can check off another box on his list of goals and ambitions. The diversity in the crowd last night in Manchester was a beautiful thing, and a sign that whilst the world may look like it’s going backwards at times, the majority of us will learn to live, love, and get along.

Knowing that this is just the beginning for Calum’s career is a heartwarming and exciting thing. He’s somebody who deserves every ounce of success that comes his way, and we can only hope that he’ll make his return on yet another headline tour in the near future. For those who are yet to see him, you are in for one heck of a treat.

Calum Scott’s Only Human tour continues throughout the UK – you can find details about dates and tickets by clicking here.

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