Completing my To Do list

Completing my To Do list

General Accident Insurance research reveals that over 200,000 working days are spent on personal admin each week. The research follows as 73% say they lack adequate support to complete admin tasks any time.

A staggering 36% of workers admit they spend an average of 38 minutes a week carrying out personal duties during the working day.

General Accident have re-launched with a 24/7 phone line to provide reassurance and help for new customers carrying out admin when it suits them best. The research carried out by the insurance company revealed that the British public don’t feel they have enough support outside of work hours to conduct essential admin tasks, with 73% admitting to a fear of getting stranded whilst filling in forms in the small hours.

Productivity expert Grace Marshall thinks that more companies should follow suit:

“In a world where technology allows us to be connected 24/7 there’s no reason why consumers shouldn't have the flexibility to do admin when they choose. Companies that provide consumers with the flexibility and support to conduct admin any time, anywhere should be praised and I expect to see the 24/7 support trend increase."

Marshall also believes that bring less distracted by others has multiple benefits: “Giving yourself some quiet space and time to conduct your admin means you can make clearer, better and quicker decisions, which means you are more likely to find the best deals. So this freedom might actually save you money as well as time.”

With a growing trend of individuals conducting admin in the middle of the night, General Accident have teamed up with author and productivity expert from 'Think Productive,' Grace Marshall, to provide ten top tips on how to be more efficient when conducting personal admin:

Top Ten Tips By Grace Marshall

1. Allocate your attention wisely

Our energy and attention levels vary throughout the day, so choose the right time to tackle your personal admin. The middle of a busy day at work is arguably not the best time or environment to be sorting out life’s little problems, so try doing it in the evening when you have time to make the best decision. Some companies like General Accident offer 24/7 support, which means admin doesn't always have to be carried out from 9-5.

2. Distractions are your enemy
Distractions are a major threat to productivity. Reduce external distractions by turning off email, phone and social media and concentrate on the job in hand.

3. Multitasking is a myth
The more things you have on the go at the same time, the more you're likely to make mistakes or procrastinate. Instead focus on sequential monotasking: one thing at a time is the way to go.

4. Batch your bits
Bitty jobs such as personal administration have a way of filling up your day if you let them. Batching them together allows you to take control of the bitty jobs and work more efficiently, with more focus and mental clarity. Set some time, get it done in one go and tick it off your list.

5. Two minutes or less? Do it now.
If something genuinely takes two minutes or less, do it straight away. This works particularly well for things that don’t actually require any thought - a signature to confirm a decision you've already made, or a click to renew something you’re happy to proceed with.

6. Filing at home
We file work at offices, why not at home? Try keeping your paperwork together: one for things you need to action, and one for filing. Keep confirmations, quotes, offers and contact details together for when you need them.

7. Rushed decisions can cost more
Just as last minute orders tend to be delivered at a premium, last minute decisions tend to give you less freedom to shop around and mean you are more likely to settle for the fastest rather than the cheapest option. Set an evening aside to do some personal administration, shop around for good deals and make use of 24/7 phone services where they exist – this will save you some money!

8. Use a timer
Use a timer to focus your mind and limit the amount of time you spend on tasks that seem to go on forever. Give yourself a realistic deadline and concentrate on the task at mind.

9. Find a quiet room
Find a quiet room to do your personal admin tasks at home. If you are being distracted by cooking, the TV or other family members it is going to take you longer and might mean you have to take it to work the next day.

10. Backlog getting scary?

Break it down with baby steps.
We tend to procrastinate over the things that are big, boring or scary. Bypass procrastination by breaking it down into small, easy, achievable steps. Tackle the backlog half an hour at a time. Make it fun, easy and doable and you’ll have it done in no time.

General Accident Trading Director, Henry Topham, explained why the company is offering 24/7 support to new customers:

“We know that purchasing insurance is a big decision and sometimes people need that extra bit of reassurance that can only be provided by a voice at the other end of the phone."

He added: "Our research shows that there is a growing movement towards late night admin so we’re making ourselves available 24/7 to meet this need.”

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