An illustrated book to inspire, inform, educate, entertain, support and soothe young mothers-to-be, their partners and family and friends. It is also useful for associated health workers, grandmothers and other care givers.

Mothers and Babies

Mothers and Babies

Offering practical advice on what to expect, as well as any difficulties that may arise and how to overcome them, this book also encourages support by partners, families, healthcare workers, communities and workplaces. Support is such an important factor for a mother and baby, both psychologically and physically, into the transition of motherhood as well as after, as illustrated by the author.

Utilising current information that is in line with UNICEF/WHO ecommendations on baby friendly nursing, A Celebration of Breastfeeding compares cultural ideas on what to eat/drink and what to avoid, while exploring myths, legends and superstitions, plenty of which exist to this day. Whether you’re a new mother, a young mother or a mother-to-be, if you’re tired and anxious, if you’re excited and looking for information, be ready to have your eyes opened by different perspectives from all corners of the earth. The ideal book for any of the above or any partner or family member ready to celebrate the beautiful journey that is breastfeeding.

Ruth I. Rusby, PhD, is a scientist, volunteer and mother of three who were born and raised multiculturally around the world. She has been published in Nature, The Telegraph and she currently edits English copy for Foundation Conservation Carpathia. She has also been copywriter and editor for newsletters and annual reviews for Light into Europe.

Ruth explains: “There is a hidden world out there; mothers are totally immersed in their own world of trying to feed and nourish their infants, while the rest of the world carries on by. When I started thinking about this, I came to remember the journeys I’d been on, breastfeeding my kids whilst trying to continue my career and move around the world, and realised that every one of us has a story to tell, wherever in the world we have our kids. My personal story goes from the Netherlands to Sarawak. These stories enable us to learn and grow. I wanted to capture tales from people with different cultural perspectives and make something whole out of them, and have it all illustrated with pictures from around the world.

So while this book is a how-to on breastfeeding, it’s also an exploration of how cultural practices feed into this. It can be read from front to back or dipped into from time to time. A mother-to-be may want to read the first few chapters before she has her baby and refer to the other ones later - and make sure she gets her partner to read Chapter Five!”

RELEASE DATE:  28/10/2023    ISBN: 9781805140177     Price: £14.99