According to the laws of numerology, the day you are born on has a significant impact on your personality traits, so if your baby was born on the 26th of the month, here is what you can expect from them as they grow up. 

Iuliia Zavalishina / Alamy Stock Photo

Iuliia Zavalishina / Alamy Stock Photo

Babies born on the 26th are…

Organised: You may notice this early on, that you child is not as messy or haphazard as the other children they spend time with and this is something to nurture in them as it will certainly make your life easier! If you are naturally organised as well, you can teach them the skills as they grow up to embrace this side of their personality and if not, they may have a thing or two to teach you as they reach adulthood.  

Strong: Your baby will be resilient to whatever life throws at them so don’t worry too much about your little one because they will find it in themselves to get through the more testing times. This innate strength could mean that they will struggle to show or discuss their feelings, so this is where you may need to come in by assuring them that they don’t need to be strong for everyone else too. 

Practical: Any baby born on the 26th of the month is pragmatic. They want to know that something is useful to them or they will lose interest. Ideas and theory are wasted on 26 babies so always give them something concrete to work with. Whenever you pitch a plan to your child as they grow in years, make sure that it’s feasible or they won’t get on board. 

Diplomatic: Babies born on this day have a knack for being tactful, have the ability to deal with sensitive matters and can control difficult situations. While this may become apparent as soon as your little one enters social situations with other children and faces basic playground politics, be wary that this sensitivity can make them susceptible to manipulation by others. Watch out for people who may take advantage of their good nature. 

Self-Confident: Your baby will not be shaken by the things that plague others of their age, however, while they give the impression that they have it all together, they may also be putting on a show. If they get too flashy with their belongings, they may drive potential friends and partners away once they enter their adult years. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so be sure to teach them the difference.  

Reliable: One thing your baby will grow to be is a reliable individual. Someone who can be counted on in times of sorrow, change or fun to be consistent in their efforts and presence. Other people who enter their life as they grow will find it easy to trust them because they know what to expect. While this is the default position, if they ever waver, try not to be too hard on them as we all fall out of character sometimes. This may be the warning sign you need to check on them. 

Tough: Babies born on the 26th often end up in management positions or become leaders where they need to be tough on people as part of their role as someone to look up to and the person who takes charge. This is impossible to sustain all the time, so let them know that they don’t have to be hard with you- they can show their softer side to you to act as a release from the front they adopt in their professional life.

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