As a mum of two daughters- one eleven months and one aged three, it can be difficult to find days out that are suitable for both of them when there is such an age gap. With that said, on Saturday, we finally found somewhere that happily catered for babies and children of nursery age- Knowsley Safari Park

Zebra and Ostrich, Knowsley Safari Park

Zebra and Ostrich, Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park has the best of both worlds as you have the option to drive round a portion of it and walk around the rest so depending on your preference and who is going with you, you can do either- or both. 

We managed to venture around the safari twice and from their car seats, the girls had the perfect view of all the animals as we drove. My three-year-old was delighted when she received a sticker sheet at the payment point so she could place a sticker on the map as we saw each animal. As the park has two lanes throughout, you have the option to stop and view the animals for a period of time without blocking the people behind you, so we were able to get a closer look at the ones the girls found most intriguing. 

As the weather was kind, we were lucky enough to see the rhinos, ostriches, monkeys, zebras, bison and lions who were all happy to meander about on the grass, or enjoy a snooze in the sun and some even came up close to the car as we passed by, which was the most exciting encounter of all! Clearly the animals are very comfortable in our presence and around vehicles. It’s almost as if some of them are posing for their picture as you make your way around! 

We opted not to go through the monkey enclosure as there are warnings that they will damage your car, however if you are worried about this, there is a bus that will take you round this area to save you having to replace your windscreen wipers at the end! 

The park has ample parking and after our picnic lunch we went to see what the rest of it had to offer in the Foot Safari

The Sea Lion Display is a must see- both girls loved watching the seals wave, swim, jump to catch the ball and gobble up their fish treats. Plus, the display is on a few times a day, so if you miss one, you can easily catch another in the afternoon. 

The park boasts a number of rides suitable for little ones including The Bumble Bees, The Honey Pots, The Mini Pirate Ship, Roundabout, Carousel, Jungle Dodgems, Equatorial Express, Rattlesnake, Star Dancer, Swing Chairs, Pirate Ship, and Ranger Patrol. For just a £10 wristband, our daughter could enjoy unlimited ride time with one accompanying adult so we took turns and let her have her run of the park in the afternoon while our baby napped. She did not want to leave when the park was closing up so I think that is testament to how much she enjoyed herself! 

There are baby changing facilities and plenty of pit stops for feeding your baby in the Foot Safari area as well as a quieter path near the birds of prey, overlooking the lake where they can go down for a nap should they need to. 

I would highly recommend paying a little extra to go on the Knowsley Train that takes you around the lake and away from the hustle and bustle of the ride area. Here, you can see some more of the smaller animals that aren’t on the Safari Drive.

If you walk through the ride area, you can also catch a glipmse of the giraffes eating their dinner which makes for a lovely photo opportunity. 

With the six weeks holidays coming up, Knowsley Safari is worth adding to the list of potential days out. There is plenty to keep the kids occupied, however not too much that you run out of time to cover everything the park has to offer. Even if it rains on your chosen day- the Safari Drive means you can stay dry while looking at the animals and the Sea Lion Display is also under cover so the weather won’t affect your enjoyment of these attractions. There is a restaurant on site too so if you forget your picnic or want to treat your family to a meal, there is plenty of choice for adults and little ones. 

Thank you Knowsley Safari Park for giving us the opportunity to review!

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