Numerology helps to guide us in life and one of the ways we can do this is to monitor the numbers that are attached to people to uncover things about their future. If your baby was born on the seventh of the month, they are most likely to be…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A loner: Babies born on the seventh of the month like to spend most of their time alone. They do enjoy the company of others because that human connection is important to everyone on some level, but they are quite comfortable doing solitary activities such as reading, writing or playing an instrument. They will get great joy from pursuing solo hobbies. While this is an important skill for every child to master, as their parent, be sure you know what is normal and what is not for your child. If you find that your child spends no time at all with you and the rest of your family it might be wise to check in with them once in a while to make sure they are ok. 

Opinionated: You will always know what your child thinks and believes because they will have no problem in telling you and others too. While this makes it easy to know where you stand with your offspring, they need to know that not everyone will agree with their point of view. It is acceptable to have an opinion, however sometimes it’s not appropriate to voice these opinions if it will cause discomfort or worse- an argument. Try to teach them to read a room before they express their thoughts and feelings otherwise social gatherings could end up in disaster. 

Misunderstood: While they might not actually be, babies born on the third often feel as if they are misunderstood. It will be up to you to convince them otherwise when they believe that others are interpreting them wrongly. On the occasions when people aren’t on their wavelength, it’s vital as their parent to let them know it’s ok to be different sometimes but people may just need a bit of clarification as to why. 

Judgemental: Seven babies often judge people too quickly, so it will be your role to help them to see other people’s point of view and circumstances which may lead them to do certain things and live the life they do. Your child may not be able to see this at first, but with your alternative ways of looking at things, you can encourage them to stop and think before they make aspersions about others. 

Unemotional: Your baby will grow to be someone who doesn’t show emotion too freely. They will keep their feelings to themselves for fear of being seen to have a weakness. They will have difficulty when others are being emotional too as this will make them feel very uncomfortable. A child that struggles to express their own emotions will inevitably feel out of their depth when someone else wears their heart on their sleeve. While they may not want to talk to you about what’s going on inside, the more willing you are to be open and honest, the more accustomed they will become to witnessing it. This may help them in future relationships and perhaps they will learn to be vulnerable with each year that passes. 

Helpful: While they may not be the first port of call when someone is upset, babies born on the seventh are keen to help others in more practical ways. If this is where their strength lies, try to encourage your child to be helpful in ways that feel most natural to them. Teach them that not all people will return the favour and to know the difference between those who can’t give something back and those who choose not to.  

Cynical: Your child will be a born cynic and believe that people are only interested in things because it benefits them. While this may be true of some, try to surround your kid with people who aren’t wired this way to prove to them that there are good people in the world and many don’t have such selfish motivations. 

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