Are you due to give birth on the 23rd of the month or celebrating the little one’s birthday on this date? Then your baby shares its day of birth with many famous faces! Not only will your child have A-list links, but your new born will be extremely ambitious and will not shy away from an adventure or two.

What does being born on the 23rd say about your baby? Photo credit: famveld / Alamy

What does being born on the 23rd say about your baby? Photo credit: famveld / Alamy

Lucky Colours: Orange and blue

Lucky Number: 5

Lucy Jewels: Emerald

Celebrity Birthdays (April 23rd) : Robert Downey Jr., John Cena, Gigi Hadid, George Clooney, Channing Tatum, William Shakespeare

Ambitious: Babies born on the 23rd will leave you parents proud from the get-go. Your child will be super ambitious and will thrive in their chosen career path. They will be the first to jump into situations headfirst and be extremely keen to achieve the best results. Your child will be the perfect fit for many different job roles, from a pilot or flight attendant to teaching and medicine, with their ambitious nature, anything is possible.

Adventurous: Your baby will always be on the look out for an adventure. They will take any opportunity and turn it into something more. Your child will love the excitement of a new development and see it through until the end. They will rarely shy away from an opportunity that could open many other doors. Their mantra will be to live life to the fullest!

Communicative: Along with your baby being very ambitious and adventurous, they will make the best communicators too. The three go hand-in-hand and will see your child talking their way out of unwanted situations and talking themselves into the ones they like! They just love to talk and will even chat to their enemies! If your child comes across another baby born on the 23rd, expect fireworks, but not in a good way. They will argue and try to always talk over one another.

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Talented: As you can see, there are many famous faces who celebrate their birthday on the 23rd. From the English playwright, William Shakespeare to Marvel favourite, Robert Downey Jr, the list is very impressive. Your little one will gravitate towards the world of arts and no doubt be top of the class. They have a clever mind and along with their modern attitude they are a force to be reckoned with.

Adaptable: Taurus babies will have two sides to their personality - adapting a chameleon like spirit. Your child will seek change, as they tend to get bored really easily, but the demand for ‘new and different’ means that they quickly learn to become adaptable to the change in surroundings/experiences. This will be perfect in career settings and enhance their charm.

Routine: Your child will succeed if they stick to a routine. He or she may become restless and bored if they don’t know their next move. They thrive off discipline and routine and this will only bring extra achievements to their already successful list.

Stubborn: Babies born on the 23rd have stubborn attributes. They will convince themselves and others that they are always right. This may cause difficulty during important times of their live - particularly in relationships. They will be better suited to partners who are patient and understanding but 23rd babies need to be reminded that they will have to admit defeat from time to time if they want to have a happy, healthy partnership.

Written by Laura, who you can follow on Twitter, @LauraJadeC20

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