With the cold weather now upon us, bath time will be more important than ever.  We all remember there being nothing better than splashing about in the bath tub when we were little; so from bubbles to shampoo mohawks and bath crayons – here are a few top tips to bring the old favourites back and make your child’s bath time as fun and memorable as yours, without breaking the bank.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Sail away!

Bath time just isn’t the same without a boat to play with. Keep all of your clean, empty cartons and bottles as these make great play time accomplices for all of those budding pirates. You can even create some pre-bath fun, by using use crayons and felt pens to help them make their dream vessel a masterpiece. Remember – no holes… otherwise the boat will become a submarine!

Paint by bubbles!

A new era of children’s toys is upon us with bath crayons and bath paint pallets galore! For the same effect and to save a few pounds, why not get a plastic egg carton and mix some shaving foam with food colouring… you have your very own clean-easy bath colour palette fit for any little artist. Just be on hand to check that inquisitive little fingers don’t decide to try to swallow their creations.

Bath time Punk-Rockers!

One of the best ways to avoid the hair-washing tears is to get your little ones to design their own shampoo mohawk. Create different soapy styles and faces – no doubt you’ll be creating one for yourself too! Everyone’s a winner. Remember to try and find a mild but soapy shampoo, for extra volume but minimal tears.

Deep sea aquarium!

All children love aquariums and creatures of the deep sea. Why not create your own right at home in your bath tub? It will also make some good pre-bath entertainment. Simply draw and decorate your fish, mermaids, crabs and other sea-side goodies, laminate them with sticky-back plastic and throw them in. The kids will have hours of fun searching for them in amongst all the bubbles. And you can create some treasure to go with your pirate ship as well!

Trusty Rubber Duck never fails!

We all remember using a lovely rubber duck to play with in the tub and with the latest trend for bright and colourful Hippie, Pirate, Union Jack, Princess and Alien ducks, there is sure to be one to please every child. What’s more – these ducks last a lifetime and look great as an ornament in your bathroom. Why not build up a family of ducks and let your little ones imaginations run wild? 

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