Skinomatics are a skincare brand with a difference. They produce nourishing cream formulas capable of injecting the skin with enough Omega oils to keep stretch marks at bay. When used throughout pregnancy, Skinomatics can help prevent stretch marks altogether, or at least reduce the appearance of them. They use specially selected, naturally healthy ingredients to blend a delicate cream for more pleasing skin… and corporate ethos? Self-care.

Skin Beauty

Skin Beauty

Young mothers, by which we mean the child is young, and the mother is a new mum, do not get enough time. They eat when the child eats, sleep when the child sleeps, and try their best to grab five minutes of peace in between naps. They deal with the tears, the tantrums, and the communication with a being unable to talk yet to express itself.

In short, being a mum is hard work. Worse, try to count how many mothers you know take time out of their day to get some self-care. We bet you can trust them on the one hand.

Self-Care for New Mums, Courtesy of Skinomatics

So, without teasing you too much with our bountiful body oils, let us talk about self-care. How can young mums get more time to themselves and start feeling young again?

Claim Back Your You Time

First, a good self-care routine means you have taken the time out of life to spend on yourself. When you are a young mum, this is particularly hard to do. You feel guilty for leaving the baby for a few minutes, you feel bad for putting the responsibility on your partner, or you feel like you do not deserve the time off because your partner doesn’t get it.

Stop and take a deep breath. Promise your partner they can have a couple of hours later if you can have some now. Draw a long, hot bath, then smother yourself in Skinomatics body oils from head to toe. You will be silky soft, your stretch marks will go away, and you will get some much-needed time to relax.

Prioritize Sleep

Your sleep pattern gets royally disrupted when you are raising a young child. You must grab a few hours where and when you can. However, if you don’t start prioritizing sleep, you eventually wear yourself out.

The mind is like a hard drive. There is only so much you can stack in there without pressing the format button. If you let it accumulate on a body deprived of rest, it becomes harder and harder to stay focused on the positives.

Try relaxing music, herbal remedies, and a repetitive night-time routine if you are struggling to sleep. Be wary of herbs if you are breastfeeding.

Try Some Self-Love!

How do you explore self-love? Try the following things:

  • Throw out all the clothes that do not fit you. Be ruthless.
  • Go shopping for new clothes. Ones that DO fit you.
  • Have a foot pack, face mask, do your eyebrows or enjoy a spa night at home.
  • Leave the baby with your partner and have a girl’s night.
  • Eat the cake.

Self-Care, from Skinomatics

Do not forget that you can have a lovely, silky soft complexion when you use Skinomatics on that post-partum skin.

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