Your choice of Father’s Day activities certainly opens up as a child gets older, because they can help to make breakfast, wrap presents and be more involved in the activities of the day. With a baby it’s tricker but there are still plenty of things to enjoy even if your little one is a newborn. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Here are our top suggestions for celebrating the day:

Give him a lie in: Chances are, he will have had broken sleep for days if not weeks now, so allow him some extra time in bed and take over parental duties until he is fully rested and ready for what you have planned. This is the greatest gift you can give any new dad so make it a priority before all else. 

Father’s Day walk: Let him choose where you take your walk and spend the day in the sunshine pushing your baby around in the pram. It’s an opportunity to give your baby a nap in the fresh air and you can talk about any future plans with your bundle of joy! Obviously it will need to be somewhere flat, but if you do your research there are plenty of pram friendly walkways that are ideal for a family stroll in the outdoors. You could even take a picnic and lay your baby on the blanket while you eat. 

Father’s Day swim: If you don’t get the opportunity to go swimming with your baby and partner all that often, this is a great excuse to go for a dip together. You could even match up their swimsuits if you plan far enough ahead! And if you build up an appetite, you can always grab a bite to eat in a beer garden afterwards.

Father’s day photoshoot: You could either arrange a slot for the day or book in a date for the diary to get some pictures professionally taken of father and baby together on their own. There is bound to be one that is good enough for the wall or his desk- or perhaps a small album if you can't decide. If you don't have the budget for this- you could always take some snaps at home yourself. If you already have some great moments captured on your phone, why not print them out beforehand and make a scrapbook on Father’s Day with the other mementos from their time as a dad?

Reenact past photos: Choose some snaps of when your partner was a baby and try to recreate these with your own. Once taken you can print them out and put them side by side in the album- a tradition your baby might continue when they are older if they have their own family. These images will be ideal for showing to members of the family when they come over. 

Matching outfits: There are so many cute combinations out there for both fathers and sons or fathers and daughters so choose a theme that your partner enjoys like their favourite TV show, movie or the football team they support and dress your baby up to match their dad for the day. It’s up to them where they want to take them to show them off! 

Throw a new dad party: If you have a few friends who also have little ones- host a baby friendly party for your partner and his mates. Make sure you cater for both adults and babies so have a stock of wipes and nappies, somewhere for baby guests to nap and a bottle preparation area set up for the event. You could get a cake made with a picture of them both together on top and of course a buffet of all his favourite food and drinks!

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