Pippa Middleton is to graduate with a distinction from her Master's degree researching children's activity.

Pippa Middleton to graduate with distinction from MA

Pippa Middleton to graduate with distinction from MA

The 38-year-old sister of the Duchess of Cambridge has just completed her MA in Physical Education, Sport and Physical Literacy at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, where she studied how parents encourage their children into activity from a young age.

One of her papers is set to be presented at a prestigious conference in September and mother-of-two Pippa said: "Getting back into studying took some getting used to but I felt really well supported by the team at UWTSD.

"The nature of the course being divided into specific modules also meant that it was easier to compartmentalise what was required each term.

"The modules were all really varied and interesting allowing enough flexibility to channel the course to your passions – for me it was early years’ physical development.

"I have enjoyed the balance of work and motherhood and getting back into reading, writing, and learning again.

“I am passionate about sport and exercise and also love being with children. I wanted to find a topic that combined these two and felt that there wasn’t enough information, knowledge or focus on early years physical development for mums particularly. I wanted to learn to not only help my own children but to also continue work in the field to stress the importance of children moving from an early age."

Pippa's supervisor Dr Nalda Wainwright, Director of the Wales Academy for Health and Physical literacy at UWTSD, said: “We are delighted that Pippa’s study contributes to an area that needs more research. Whilst we hear a lot about the importance of play in the early years there should be more focus on high quality developmentally appropriate physical activities that support some of the crucial skills underpinning physical activity in later life.

"This is an area of work that is gaining more recognition however her study clearly highlights parents are not accessing information and resources to support their children’s development.

"It is always a challenge to study at post graduate level, especially when having to fit in with family life. Pippa has been committed and focused throughout her study, which is reflected in her excellent result. We are looking forward to the opportunity of working with Pippa in the future bringing the parents’ perspective to the MiniMovers work so we can help all families to support their children’s physical development and lay the foundations for health.”

Pippa's paper will be presented at the 4th CIAPSE Congress in Luxembourg from September 7 to 9.