Prince Charles has been urged not to meddle in politics.

Prince Charles insists he'll remain politically neutral

Prince Charles insists he'll remain politically neutral

The 73-year-old royal has been encouraged to steer clear of politics after he was recently reported to have made comments about the UK government's policy of deporting migrants to Rwanda.

An unnamed senior cabinet member told The Sunday Times newspaper: "Prince Charles is an adornment to our public life, but that will cease to be charming if he attempts to behave the same way when he is king. That will present serious constitutional issues."

The source also insisted that any differences of opinion should be discussed behind closed doors.

The insider explained: "A lot of his views on architecture and horticulture are interesting, and I would always be willing to listen to them privately. But that’s very different from him making public interventions as monarch.

"The Queen’s genius is that most of us have no idea what she thinks."

Another cabinet member suggested that Charles will adopt a different approach once he becomes king.

The source said: "While this kind of intervention will be tolerated while he is the Prince of Wales, the same will not be true when he becomes king."

Charles is said to have been privately critical of the controversial policy, which will see migrants being sent to the central African country later this month.

A source recently shared: "[Charles] said he was more than disappointed at the policy.

"He said he thinks the government’s whole approach is appalling. It was clear he was not impressed with the government’s direction of travel."

The policy was introduced in April in an effort to discourage people trying to cross the English Channel from France in small boats.

However, a spokesperson for the prince has insisted that he remains politically neutral.

The spokesperson for Clarence House said: "We would not comment on supposed anonymous private conversations with the Prince of Wales, except to restate that he remains politically neutral. Matters of policy are decisions for government."

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