Bruce Oldfield says he almost went broke when Princess Diana stopped wearing his gowns.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana

The late royal was a huge fan of the designer's couture creations in the Eighties and wore a number of them to royal events but after her split from Prince Charles, she changed her style and Bruce admitted it hit him hard.

He told the Sunday Times: "It wasn't good. It means everybody looks at you as if to say 'You're rubbish, we're not going to buy from you any more'."

Bruce even revealed that he had to sell his flat to keep his business afloat.

However, he has bounced back and now often dresses Duchess Camilla, the second wife of Diana's former husband Prince Charles.

Meanwhile, Rachel Riley, who designs clothes for Diana's grandchildren, two-year-old Prince George and his baby sister Princess Charlotte, has praised the late royal's sense of style.

She said: "I look at old pictures of William and Harry as boys because the outfits are beautiful and a wonderful inspiration. Princess Diana had a great sense of style. She was a nursery teacher so was a natural with children and knew how to dress them. She dressed William and Harry in clothes that are appropriate for children.

"Diana loved fashion and she wore everything so well."

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