You won’t find many British people who don’t love the Royal family. The monarchy is an integral part of British culture and we just love the Queen.

The Queen loves her corgis

The Queen loves her corgis

Here are 7 reasons why.

She has never had a fashion disaster

With all her advisers you would expect this to be the case.

The Queen has never had a fashion disaster, in fact, whenever there is a royal wedding or a similar event in which the royals are in attendance, the Queen’s outfit is always highly anticipated.

People even put bets on what colour Her Majesty will wear. Talk about style icon…

She is an animal lover

Everybody knows the Queen loves her corgis, but her adoration for furry friends doesn’t stop there.

The Queen began riding horses at the age of 4 and she still loves the hobby now!

She drove Crown Prince Abdullah around the Balmoral estate

In 2003, the Queen proved she’s a girl’s girl when Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia visited her castle in Scotland.

Offering the Prince a tour, the Queen jumped in the driver seat and proceeded to turn on the engine and take the Prince for a spin around the grounds.

Apparently, the Queen chatted with the Prince the entire journey, even when he pleaded with her to focus on the roads.

For those wondering why this is such a big deal, women weren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia at the time, but Queen Elizabeth showed him how it’s done.

Her neutrality

In a political climate that divides Britain, there is one thing that brings us together – the Royal family.

The Queen’s neutrality is one of the reasons we love her so much. We have no idea what her political views are, which party she would vote for if she could, and where she stands on Brexit.

The Queen is the ultimate expert in saying enough, but not saying anything which could cause offence – no matter what the topic is.

She’s probably the most famous and celebrated lady in the world, yet we know nothing about the views she holds or what she thinks of certain matters. Oh, to be so exclusive!

She served in World War 2

The Queen remains the only female member of the Royal family to join the military and is the only living head of state that served in WW2.

She was a mechanic back in the day and can still change a flat tyre now. She could put a lot of us to shame with her skills and knowledge!


The Queen and the Royal family bring a lot of money in to Britain because of tourism. They’re the most loved, covered and popular Royal family in the world, therefore royalists all over the globe travel to London every year to get a glimpse of anything Windsor.

Souvenirs and celebrations bring in millions of pounds to Britain annually, proving the Royal family’s popularity across the planet.

She is Britain’s stiff upper lip

The British are known for having a ‘stiff upper lip’, essentially meaning we keep calm and carry on in times of hardship. But realistically, this has become a bit of a stereotype. Us Brits have feelings too you know, just, not in public, or in front of anyone, ever.

The Queen has suffered her own personal struggles throughout her lifetime. From her father’s death, to the annus horribilis in 1992 - the Queen has always upheld a strong front for her nation to look up to.

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