Holidays are important - they are a great chance to take a break from the day-to-day life, spend quality time with your loved ones, and reconnect with yourself when you’re not cleaning, working, or commuting.

Cleaning the camper van

Cleaning the camper van

Your first holiday as a family is a bit more special - whether you’re exploring a foreign city, sunning yourself on the beach, or camping in the wild together, the following are five ways to preserve these amazing memories.

Print the Favourite Holiday Snaps

Undoubtedly, you will take hundreds, if not thousands of photos during the holiday. But instead of leaving the photos sitting on your phone’s memory or risking deleting them by mistake, why not get a photo printed of the favourites?

Choose the funniest and most scenic or meaningful pictures and turn them into a canvas print. Imagine how those beach-seide prints of the kids will warm up your walls with vivid, bright colours and the element of fun. They will certainly brighten your living space and remind you of the quality time you had.

Consider Recording Video Footage

Why not make a mini movie of the entire holiday? You can use your smartphone to take videos of the kids splashing in the sea in slow-mo, or record your spouse or friend sizzling sausages on the campfire. You can then cut up the video footage, do some editing, and then add some music on top. 

Video is a great medium as it lets you remember your family holiday experience in detail - the sights and sounds you capture on the video will keep important memories that you might otherwise forget. For inspiration, be sure to check out this blog post done by a mom who shares a few ideas on how to create family videos as a way to preserve memories.

Create a Scrapbook

Although there’s a great deal of powerful technology at our fingertips today, it can sometimes be fun to just go back to the basics and do a scrapbook. The good thing is that all you need is a large notepad, some glue, and the scraps that will help you remember.

Add ticket stubs, photographs, wristbands, receipts for a wholesome family dinner, and bits of feathers, shells, or flowers from the best destinations you visited. You can leave the scrapbook on the bookshelf, so that you can always pick it up and flick through it when you’re feeling nostalgic. 

Publish a Personal Blog

If you’re into taking photographs or writing, why not set up a blog? You could publish a post every day, outlining details of what you all got up to, some of the best things you experienced or saw, names of the favourite locations you visited, and the foods and/or drinks you enjoyed having.

Blogs are a perfect way of saving your holiday photos and keeping hold of the specific details that might otherwise fade away with time. Check out this quick tutorial on how to set  up a WordPress blog. There are plenty of blog packages out there to help you with this.

Make Next Year’s Calendar

Have you ever gone to visit a friend or relative and noticed a personalised calendar that they’ve hung on their wall? Well, calendars are an awesome way to remember your first holiday.

You can sit down together with your family after you’re back from the trip and pick 12 of your most favourite photos. You could even place everyone’s favourite picture on their birthday month. It might also be lovely to use some sunrise or sunset views of a cityscape or beach to add some cheer to the glumness of the winter months.

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