Flamenco, paella, beaches... These are only a couple of things that Spain is well-known for around the globe. Every year, thousands of travellers visit the country to discover its rich culture and traditions. But among those traditions, one stands out above the others: the tapa. Going out for tapas (ir de tapeo as it’s called in Spain) is an essential part of Spanish culture. In the afternoon and evening, the local bars will fill up with people socializing, catching up with friends and making new ones, all over delicious, bite-sized dishes and a beer or glass of wine. And the Spanish are not the only ones loving tapas: this unique concept has conquered the entire world, with tapas restaurants opening on every corner!

The best Tapas in Spain

The best Tapas in Spain

To celebrate this wonderful Spanish tradition, Spain-Holiday, the portal for holiday rentals in Spain, has ranked the best Spanish cities where you can have tapas. The final ranking was made using the number of tapas bars per city, the average rating of each bar and the Google search volume for tapas in every city. Are you ready to discover the best cities to have tapas? Let’s go!

The study has revealed that:

●  Seville is the best city to have tapas in Spain!

●  With 5 cities in the top 10, Andalusia is the best region in Spain for tapas

The best cities to enjoy tapas in Spain

1. Seville | Score: 10/10

The capital of Andalusia offers plenty to see and do for everyone. Modern, cosmopolitan and welcoming, but also traditional at the same time, visitors of Seville are able to discover incredible architecture, beautiful parks, museums and galleries, but most importantly... the very best of Spanish gastronomy! The city has become a foodie’s paradise, where you can enjoy traditional and avant-garde tapas in one of the 215 tapas bars and restaurants all over the city. Made with products of the best quality, Seville’s tapas are a must-try during your visit. Order a delicious gazpacho, cazón en adobo (marinated and fried school shark) or a montadito de pringá (sandwich with Andalusian meat spread), all tapas that were invented in Andalusia and are the most typical of this region. Go on a tapas tour in Seville and treat your tastebuds!

Our recommended tapas bars:

  • -  Espacio Eslava (4825 reviews, 4.7 stars): Calle Eslava 3
  • -  Bodega Palo Santo (1336 reviews, 4.6 stars): Plaza de la Gavidia 5
  • -  Ovejas Negras Tapas (2982 reviews, 4.5 stars): Calle Hernando Colón 8

2. Granada | Score: 9.22/10

Granada is the place to be in Spain for tapas. This Andalusian city is famous all over the country for its tapas culture, and in most bars you will receive a free tapa with your drink. Thanks to the more than 150 bars and restaurants that specialize in tapas, Granada seduces its visitors with delicious food of the best quality. Granada’s tapas are made with local food products such as meat from the nearby Sierra Nevada, fresh fish caught on the Costa Tropical and vegetables cultivated in the fields of Granada. Try some traditional tapas of the city like jamón asado (oven-roasted ham), croquetas (croquettes, usually filled with ham or fish) or carne en salsa (slow-cooked beef in tomato sauce), and enjoy a tapas break with views of the Alhambra and the incredible architecture of Granada. You’ll never want to leave!

Our recommended tapas bars:

  • -  Taberna La Tana (1648 reviews, 4.6 stars): Placeta del Agua 3
  • -  Ávila Tapas II (2644 reviews, 4.6 stars): Calle San Isidro 11
  • -  Mesón Rincón De Rodri (1931 reviews, 4.6 stars): Calle Músico Vicente Zarzo 3

3. Santiago de Compostela | Score: 8,06/10


In the green north of Spain we find Santiago de Compostela, the city that marks the end point of the pilgrim route Camino de Santiago. Every year hundreds of pilgrims make the trip to Santiago de Compostela, with the goal of reaching the steps of the Saint James cathedral at the centre of the city. Once the tired travellers reach the city, they are of course seduced by Santiago de Compostela’s excellent gastronomy. The region is known for its seafood and local meat of the highest quality, thanks to its closeness to the Atlantic Ocean and the green fields surrounding the city. All of this results in delicious tapas that will make you relish every bite. Pair your tapas with a bottle of local Albariño wine, and you will feel in gastronomic heaven!

Our recommended tapas bars:

  • -  Mesón 42 (2203 reviews, 4.5 stars): Rúa do Franco 42
  • -  Moha (1759 reviews, 4.4 stars): Praza de Santo Agostiño 7
  • -  El Papatorio (2289 reviews, 4.4 stars): Rúa do Franco 20

4. Cádiz | Score: 7.91/10

Pesto Tapas
Pesto Tapas

On the Costa de la Luz we find Cadiz, a city with amazing beaches and more than 3000 years’ worth of history. It attracts not only history buffs and beach lovers: anyone who likes good food will love Cadiz! Because it is a coastal town, most of Cadiz’s cuisine consists mainly of fresh fish and seafood. Some foods that you must try during a stay in the city are cuttlefish and red tuna, both caught off the coast of Cadiz. The rich and varied seafood of Cadiz is also clear to see in the tapas of the city! The tortitillitas de camarones (shrimp fritters) and caballa con piriñaca (mackerel accompanied by finely chopped, raw vegetables) are two traditional tapas from Cadiz that incorporate locally caught fish, but there are plenty more dishes to choose from, all prepared with local fish and produce. Visit Cadiz and fall in love with this city, its lively streets, white beaches and delicious tapas!

Our recommended tapas bars:

  • -  Bar La Tabernita (1206 reviews, 4.7 stars): Calle Virgen de la Palma 32
  • -  La Candela (1393 reviews, 4.6 stars): Calle Feduchy 3
  • -  Bar Nono (1090 reviews, 4.6 stars): Calle Valverde 13

5. Málaga | Score: 7,46/10

Located between the sea and the mountains, the capital city of the Costa del Sol has kept its traditional Mediterranean flair even after becoming a world-class holiday destination. This coastal city with cosmopolitan vibes has many terraces where you can relax, enjoy the sun and try fantastic tapas... with a nice glass of wine or a beer of course! Malaga’s gastronomy is the perfect example of the Mediterranean diet: high-quality products, healthy ingredients, a lot of variety and most importantly, a fair price. Among the traditional tapas of Malaga are the pescaito frito (different types of fried fish), ensalada malagueña (potato salad withcod or tuna, olives, hard-boiled eggs and oranges) and ajoblanco (cold almond soup). Combine them with a nice glass of sweet local wine called moscatel, and enjoy a night out in Malaga!

Our recommended tapas bars:

  • -  Casa Lola (5999 reviews, 4.5 stars): Calle Granada 46
  • -  Uvedoble Taberna (2076 reviews, 4.5 stars): Calle Alcazabilla 1
  • -  El Mesón de Cervantes (1530 reviews, 4.5 stars): Calle Álamos 11

6. Salamanca | Score: 6,90/10

Salamanca might not be a famous holiday destination abroad, but among the Spanish it is known as one of the cities with most charm in the country. With its beautiful architecture and amazing location on the banks of the Tormes river, it attracts many visitors from all over Spain wanting to explore the city. But Salamanca is also famous for its culinary excellence! The Salamancan gastronomy is incredibly varied, and its star product are the locally grown vegetables. There are several types of beans and lentils produced in the area that received the Denominación de Origen certificate, signalling that they are of the highest quality. Apart from its vegetables, Salamanca also produces excellent meat products like the famous Spanish ham and chorizo. All of these products are used by the local tapas bars to prepare delicious tapas at very fair prices.

Our recommended tapas bars:

  • -  Cuzco Bodega - Salamanca (1486 reviews, 4.6 stars): Calle Juan del Rey 5
  • -  Bambú Tapas y Brasas (4022 reviews, 4.4 stars): Calle del Prior 6
  • -  Taberna de Dionisos (1465 reviews, 4.4 stars): Calle Íscar Peyra 16

7. Toledo | Score: 6,78/10

Toledo is one of the most magical cities in Spain. A visit to this city is a unique experience because of Its medieval streets and architecture that take you back in time. Besides the impressive architecture, there is another thing in the city that will leave you speechless: its gastronomy! Toledo’s cuisine has very strong medieval roots, which means that you will be able to try dishes that have been prepared and eaten by the locals for hundreds of years. Typical tapas of Toledo are the repollo del Ludeña (a savoury spread made of leftover crab meat), pulpo a la brasa (grilled octopus) and the bomba del Trébol (a fried potato with meat filling and served with aioli and tomato sauce). Let yourself be seduced by Toledo’s magical tapas!

Our recommended tapas bars:

  • -  Taberna Embrujo (1751 review, 4.5 stars): Calle Santa Leocadia 6
  • -  El Trébol (5630 reviews, 4.3 stars): Calle de Santa Fe 1
  • -  Tabernita Tapas Bar (1032 reviews, 4.4 stars): Calle de Santa Fe 14

8. Almería | Score: 6,56/10

The city of Almeria attracts many tourists thanks to its warm climate all year round, with warm summers and mild winters. The city is located in the heart of Almeria province, also known as “the greenhouse of Spain” because it is the country’s centre of agriculture. This is translated to the local cuisine, that incorporates much local produce in its dishes! The traditional local recipes are often very simple, and give the spotlight to the high-quality ingredients that are used. Apart from fruits and vegetables, the recipes incorporate fresh fish and seafood, given that the city lies on the Mediterranean coast. There’s nothing better than enjoying tapas made with freshly caught fish on a terrace with sea views! Local tapas include huevas en vinagreta (hake roe with finely chopped tomatoes and bell peppers), several types of grilled fish and patatas a lo pobre (potatoes fried on low heat with onions and green peppers). Almeria’s tapas will leave you wishing for more!

Our recommended tapas bars:

  • -  Tortillería La Mala (1059 reviews, 4.5 stars): Calle Martínez Almagro 6
  • -  Taberna el Andaluz (2674 reviews, 4.4 stars): Calle Felipe II 80
  • -  Taberna Entrevinos (1346 reviews, 4.4 stars): Calle Francisco García Góngora 11

9. A Coruña | Score: 5,92/10

A Coruña is the Spanish mecca for every foodie! Its privileged location means that the city has access to fresh fish thanks to the Atlantic Ocean, and to beautiful cuts of meat because of lush fields surrounding the cities. Many local products like cheese and beef have even been awarded a certificate of excellence for their high quality. And when these products are combined, the result is a typical, mouth-watering tapa from A Coruña! In any tapas bar of the city you can enjoy tapas of the best quality, together with a glass of wine, a beer and the best atmosphere you can wish for! So what are you waiting for? Come and try the cheeses, the empanadas and the lacón (shoulder ham) of A Coruña!

Our recommended tapas bars:

  • -  Mesón El Serrano (1670 reviews, 4.5 stars): Rúa Galera 42
  • -  A Taberna de Cunqueiro (3425 reviews, 4.4 stars): Rúa Estrella 22
  • -  Taberna da Galera (1011 reviews, 4.5 stars): Rúa Galera 32

10. Pontevedra | Score: 5,81/10

We close the ranking with Pontevedra, the third Galician city in the top 10. Pontevedra is quite unknown and doesn’t receive many tourists, and yet this small city is definitely worthwhile a visit! With an elegant air, beautiful architecture and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s a great city trip destination in the north of Spain. The historic city centre is full of tiny and traditional bars, where you can enjoy the delicious Galician cuisine thanks to the local tapas. Pontevedra’s tapas put seafood in the spotlight: enjoy delicious fresh oysters, or try a typical empanada filled with cockles, the local speciality. The city is also known for the locally caught lamprey eels, a true delicacy! Visit this unassuming city and discover its unique tapas.

Our recommended tapas bars:

  • -  Casa Fidel O'Pulpeiro (2103 reviews, 4.5 stars): Rúa San Nicolás 7
  • -  Casa Román (1042 reviews, 4.4 stars): Avenida Augusto García Sánchez 12
  • -  Sidrería Montañes (1487 reviews, 4.2 stars): Gonzalez Zúñiga 6

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