Holidaying in the UK isn’t always everyone’s first choice, with unpredictable weather and the lack of airport excitement, it’s no wonder many people flock to go abroad. However, what if you could experience the breath-taking beauty of nature, where green countryside and rolling hills meet the sea, and soft sand makes your feet feel like home, without needing to renew your passport?

UK Beauty Spots

UK Beauty Spots

With wildlife, history and holiday makers alike making UK coastal towns some of the most unique tourist destinations, visiting Cornwall holiday parks with Away Resorts, for example, will ensure you get the most out of your UK holiday, whatever the weather.

Read on to discover our top tips on making the most of your summer break…  

Find the right accommodation

After choosing where in the UK you’d like to visit, you’ll want to find the right accommodation for you. This should suit your budget, the age ranges and number of people going on the trip, and of course, be clean and comfortable. Whilst hotels are a great option, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly family adventure, or even a romantic escape, then holiday parks might just be the thing for you.

Enjoy scenic surroundings on your own watch, in your very own stylish lodge or caravan, where you’ll have complete control over your own food, space and time. There’ll be entertainment, staff on hand to help, as well as indoor and outdoor activities right on your doorstep. With swimming pools, water sports and even more adventures, you can explore the very best of the UK, with unlimited freedom. What’s more – you can even take your dog!

Research the surrounding area

Once you’ve chosen your accommodation, you’ll want to research the surrounding areas for any attractions you wish to visit during your break. If in Cornwall, for example, you might want to experience the exotic Eden Project, bathe on a beautiful beach or go on a hike around the cliffs and hills. Whatever takes your fancy, make sure you check opening and closing times, plan your route, and check if you need to book anything or even adapt because of the weather.

Pack light, pack bright

To really make the most of your holiday, you’ll want to pack efficiently so you have everything you need, with little baggage. Whilst you can always buy anything you’ve forgotten, it’s always a good idea to have an extra t-shirt, pair of socks and undies. You don’t want to take so much that you come home to a load of washing, though, so be bright about what you pack.

We recommend taking a mixture of old clothes amongst your favourite, newer items, and choosing what you wear and where you wear it carefully. To ensure you have the best time possible, wear the t-shirts you don’t mind throwing away and getting a little messy, and re-wear last night’s clean clothes the next day. That way you save washing, suitcase space, and create some care-free memories.

Make a schedule

Whether you’re the spontaneous type or not, there are some things that are just best to plan. You might find you need to pre-book an activity, or simply pre-plan a time-efficient way to fit in all the many things you want to do. Even if you’re opting for a more relaxing break, maybe plan your trip to the beach when the tide is low, take surfing lessons when the waves are big, or make a note of the evening entertainment times so that you don’t miss something you were particularly looking forward to.