Put on a brave face and visit these popular theme parks.

Put on a brave face and visit these popular theme parks.

With the summer holidays approaching fast, it may sometimes be hard to think of ideas to fill up your children's holidays. However, why not give the whole family a thrill of a lifetime by visiting one of these popular theme parks situated in the UK.

01 - Alton Towers
Take a trip to the UK's number one theme park, Alton Towers, in Staffordshire and enjoy 800 acres of fun. The park includes rides to suit everyone from white knuckle rides for the adrenaline junkies, classics suchs as the water flume and rides for the children. And new for 2013 is the thrill ride with the sinister name, 'The Smiler'. The Smiler is a roller coaster which travels at 85 km/h and with its highest drop at 30m. Will you be able to put on a brave face and hop on board of The Smiler?

And if you are visiting Alton Towers, you cannot leave without hopping on the ride that goes from 0-100km/ph in 2.5 seconds, Rita. Or if you are feeling brave, take a ride on Oblivion and plunge 60 metres to the bottom. Alton Towers is not for the faint hearted and will guarantee several scares throughout the day.

Don't worry if roller coasters are not your thing however as the park is full with rides that don't get your heart pumping but are just as fun. Take a ride on Duel where you will travel through a Ghost World and shoot at ghosts and ghouls to gain points. Will you be able to do better than your friends? And if you want a break from the rides you can also test your skills at Extaordinary Golf or take a walk in the gardens, ideal for hot days and family picnics.

The park is open for the main season between 16 March - 10 November 2013 and tickets prices vary from £46.20 for an adult and £37.80 for a child, however cheaper tickets can be bought in advance online and family, senior and disabled/carer tickets are also available.

02 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
With the launch of the UK's only Nickelodeon Land in 2011, which is spread over 6 acres and includes 12 rides, a Nickelodeon themed shop, game stalls, a restaurant and is home to Nickelodeon characters including Spongebob Square Pants and the Fairy Odd Parents, this is the perfect theme park to take the kids.

This theme park would not be complete however without its white knuckle rides. Take a ride on Infusion, the only ride in the world that is suspended completly over water. Or take a deep breath and step on to the Big One, Blackpool's biggest and fastest roller coaster, at 235ft in height and travels at a speed of up to 87mph.

Blackpool is a great day out for all the family and includes all your classic theme park rides such as the Dodgems and the Tea Cups to the more outrangeous thrill rides that will give you the chills.

Tickets prices vary from £29.99 for 12+ and £26.99 for under 12's however online prices vary and Day Passes and Nickelodeon wristbands are also available.

03 - Thorpe Park
Thorpe Park, located in Surrey, has many new attractions coming to 2013 including The Swarm, which sees you thrown backwards down 127ft at speeds up to 92kmh. Travelling backwards and not being able to see where you are going makes this ride a frightening hair raiser. And if that seems bad enough, there is nothing to hold on to, making this one of the scariest rides to grace the park.

Also coming to 2013 is 'The Crash Pad' which offers modern rooms to customers so they can now have their very own overnight theme park experience.

Thorpe Park also includes a roller coaster based on the film 'Saw', with the ride using the same name. You will be able to play a game of death with Jigsaw as he sends you up to 100ft before you go falling down through sharp rotating blades to the bottom. Will you be able to beat Jigsaw?

The park also includes rides for the kids including the teacups and a carousel and many new shows are performed throughout the season for all the family to enjoy.

Tickets prices vary from £43.20 for adults aged 12+ and £33.60 for children under 12. Tickets offers are avaliable if bought in advance online and senior, disabled and family tickets are also avaliable to purchase.

04 - Legoland Windsor Resort
Legoland Windsor is perfect for every family with children between the ages of 3 - 12 years old. This is a funpacked park where children's dreams come true and inclides over 55 interactive rides, a host of live shows, workshops, driving schools and several attractions to entertain all the family.

The park includes rides such as The Land of the Vikings, where you will sail through the time of the Vikings and make a splash. This park is perfect for kids and families who do not enjoy the white knuckle rides but still enjoy the adventures of a theme park.

Tickets are £45 for an adult and £36.60 for a child but online prices vary. Senior tickets are also avaliable as well as family ticekts.

05 - Flamingo Land Resort
Flamingo Land, in North Yorkshire, is the perfect holiday resort that offers an excellent theme park, as well as a zoo located within the park.

The park includes thrill rides such as the 'Cliff Hanger' which is the Uk's only S&S combo tower vertical drop ride and one of the tallest in Europe. This is a ride that will certainly get your vocal cords warmed up and your heart pumping. Family rides are also littering the park including the 'Wagon Wheel' that slowly rotates you round and lets you admire the park from a height.

Once you have had enough of the rides, take a trip to the zoo which contains animals such as the African Lion, California Sea Lion and the Red Kangaroo. And why not take the kids down to the farm where they will get hands on experience and will be able to admire the domestic rabbits and the ducks.

Tickets prices are £30 for adults and children and £20 for senior and disabled guests and carers. Family tickets are also available to buy.

By Claire Lancaster

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