Brandi Glanville is one of the castmembers for forthcoming E! and hayu reality series Famously Single, where she'll be hoping to find love.

Brandi Glanville / Credit: E!

Brandi Glanville / Credit: E!

We got the opportunity to put some questions to Brandi all about the show, her search for love, Real Housewives and more. Read on to find out what she had to say...

From The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to Famously Single - how different was filming this new reality series for E!?

Real Housewives was about the opposite of love for me really, so I was excited to do something constructive and rather than throw wine for silly reasons, I would be working on bettering my romantic life because after all, I do still believe in love.

You look to be getting close to Calum Best from what we've seen - was there an instant attraction there?

Calum is very handsome and charming, but right off the bat he seemed the opposite of my type. I've never been attracted to a blonde guy and I've never really been into tattoos, Josh [Murray] was more my type looks-wise, I figured I'd end up with a crush on him.

Calum has said in interviews since the filming of the show that you guys had 'chemistry' - what was it about him that drew you to him?

Calum and I definitely had chemistry because we both have a zero BS meter and he seemed open and genuine in the house, we could literally have conversations with just our eyes.

Calum Best / Credit: E!
Calum Best / Credit: E!

Were there any members of the house you could see yourself dating?

Josh is typically my type, I fully fell for Willis [McGahee], he made me feel safe and once he opened up to my outspokenness, he became the 'Brandi Whisperer'. I absolutely adored Pauly D from the get-go, he was so proper and respectful with me.

Do you find it hard to get emotionally invested in someone in front of television cameras?

I've been on reality TV now for about six years and I honestly forget the cameras are there most of the time. I put every detail of my life, the good the bad and the ugly, in both my New York Times bestselling books, Drinking and Tweeting and Drinking and Dating, following up with a third very soon here.

Is there drama in the house that viewers should prepare for?

There is a ton of drama in the house, we all have big personalities and a lot of insecurities. I will say the girls had typical girl drama and Calum and I had some CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY moments, but we became closer through them.

Reality TV is so big in the US and UK - would you ever consider doing a British show such as Celebrity Big Brother?

I've definitely had a few meetings with BB, but once I was told I couldn't even talk to my kids for a whole month I had to rule it out. The reason I work so hard is so that I can be present to watch them grow up, and I don't think I could handle three days, let alone 30 without talking to my boys.

Much of your personal life is documented through the media - does that ever get draining?

At this point I'm used to it, but that's not to say the guys I date can handle it. I've learned never to kiss and tell in certain situations, unlike what I've done in the past, and I've realised some men's egos are so sensitive that they can't handle having people ask them even one reality TV questions. A lot of guys need it to be about them and I'm all for that, but I can't control what other people ask them or say.

What's the funniest rumour or false story you've read about yourself?

That I was dating Snoop Dogg. I'm a super fan of his and have met him a couple times. I joked once that we were BFFs because I smoked with him on Cocktails with Khloe, but no idea where that came from.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has had mixed reviews this season - would you ever consider going back to the show full time?

I think people have a hard time with change. I myself don't really like when certain TV shows change up a working recipe. I get attached even if I don't care for the person. Andy Cohen is my friend, we text often, I think we both knew I needed a break and if a return happens, it will be when things are very different in my personal life.

Before everything else you're a mother. How do your two boys deal with all that's said about you in the media?

My kids are amazing and they were born and raised surrounded by celebrity and scandal, but thankfully they are happy, healthy and normal. When my eldest has friends over I hear them say things like, 'Your Mom's not crazy at all like on TV', or 'Your Mom seems so normal', and my boys say, 'Yeah I told you!' I like hearing that.

Finally, what's next for you in the coming weeks and months?

I'm so very busy and blessed to be working. I'm shooting My Kitchen Rules, a cooking competition show for the FOX network, doing press for Famously Single, finishing up my book, promoting my wine, going on year three of my podcast Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, working on a new fashion project with my close friend Farah... Oh, and Calum's coming to visit...

Famously Single available on hayu - the brand new all-reality subscription service - from 15th June and on E! Sunday 19th June @ 10pm.

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