Tuesday 31st March

The Gallaghers receive a letter from Liam's (Johnny Bennett) school summoning both of his parents to see the head teacher. With the family forced to appear conventional, Norma (Dystin Johnson) steps into Monica's shoes.

And when they discover that Liam has earned a special scholarship, Frank (David Threlfall) steps up to be his chaperone, but could his actions jeopardise Liam's chances of a brighter future? Meanwhile, Patrick (Sean Gilder) becomes increasingly agitated as Mimi (Tina Malone) takes control of his addiction.

She sticks to him like glue, determined to help him get off the smack. But what dark secrets will their closeness reveal? Tension between Jamie (Aaron McCusker) and Karen (Rebecca Atkinson) reaches breaking point when Karen sacks Jamie. Jamie demands his share of The Jockey in cash, and Karen's worst fears are realised when Joe (Ben Batt) steps in to buy Jamie out. Meanwhile, Lillian (Alice Barry) gets a surprise visit from her son Rodney (Gerrard Thompson).

Rodney's strange behaviour soon puts Lillian in an awkward position and she has to take precautionary measures. Mickey (Ciaran Griffiths) gets caught with his hands somewhere they shouldn't be; and Kelly (Sally Carman) recruits Meena (Sarah Byrne) to do Shane's (Nicky Evans) physio, but will Meena's work become too physical? The next episode follows on E4. Writer: Tracy Brabin; Prod: Lawrence Till; Dir: Paul Norton Walker; Prod Co: Company Pictures