Sonny Jay is "surprised" at how quickly he has adapted to parenthood.

Sonny Jay became a dad to daughter Mia in May

Sonny Jay became a dad to daughter Mia in May

The 30-year-old radio DJ welcomed baby Mia with his girlfriend Danielle Peazer in May and admitted that he finds it strange how such a "massive responsibility" just landed in his lap.

He told thortful: "It’s surprised me how Danielle and I have just kicked into being parents. I find it so odd how one day you're not a parent and then suddenly you've just got this massive responsibility. The only thing genuinely that I found so difficult is being up in the night feeding. Doing a night feed and not falling asleep - I'm literally shaking my head trying to do everything. Scrolling on TikTok just to keep my eyes open, I’ve found that hard. I would say that's the hardest part of it so far."

The former 'Dancing On Ice' winner was then asked what his plans are for his first Father's Day as a dad and admitted that while the timing wasn't ideal because that Sunday (16.06.24) is when he is on hosting duties at the Capital Summertimeball, he will still celebrate the day before and joked he could perhaps take the little one along to work with him as long as she has a set of earphones.

He said: "Well, the timing hasn’t worked out because I’ll be working at the Capital Summertime Ball on that day. But we're going to celebrate the day before because it's my first one. I find it crazy because it really hits home that I’m now a dad and can celebrate that day as one!

"Maybe I could take her with some little headphones on for a backstage tour to meet people and experience something amazing at such a young age, we’ll see"

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