Tina Malone speaks to her late husband every day and says she can still feel his “presence” in her home.

Tina Malone still feels husband Paul's presence following his shock death

Tina Malone still feels husband Paul's presence following his shock death

The 'Shameless' star, 61, announced in March that her spouse Paul Chase, 41, had died after succumbing to depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder related to his time in the army.

Now, four months after the veteran's passing, Tina - who married Paul in 2010 - has revealed that their house is exactly as it was when he departed and she and their daughter Flame still speak to Paul as if he is still alive.

In an interview with Closer magazine, she said: "His toothbrush is still there, I’m sitting here looking at his boots under the table right now.

“His gym bag is in the hall, his coats are hanging up. I’ve washed all his clothes, ironed them and put them away.

“Flame and I cope by talking to him out loud, we talk to him every single night. I won’t refer to him in the past tense, I can’t have it.

“We feel his presence every day, and without a shadow of a doubt he is here with us. It’s a comfort to me.”

Tina claims that Flame has even seen a vision of her late father and they the pair "fell his spirit" around them.

She added: “Flame ran into my room shortly afterwards and said, ‘Daddy just came into my room and kissed me goodnight’, and she says she saw him waving and smiling at her. We feel his spirit around us.”

Tina - who also has 42-year-old daughter Danielle from a previous relationship - previously revealed how Paul's mental health struggles spiralled in the last year of his life.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, she said: “He’d concealed his PTSD, but imagine if you’ve been at war and you can’t count how many people you killed. How do you come back? He loved the Army but it left him scarred...

“The last 12 months were hell, a rapid downward progression. He was using prescription drugs and cocaine, he borrowed money and he lied. He was desperate.”

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