'The Fortune Hotel' will be "full of drama" and "friction" between contestants.

Stephen Mangan's new game show is 'full of drama' and 'friction'

Stephen Mangan's new game show is 'full of drama' and 'friction'

The new ITV game show - which is hosted by comedian Stephen Mangan - sees 10 pairs travel to Grenada in the Caribbean where they will swap suitcases as they try to win the £250,000 prize.

As quoted by The Sun newspaper's TVBiz column, contestant Cherish admitted: "There were frictions."

The hopefuls on the show include everyone from a barrister and a bartender to a bricklayer, with people from all "different backgrounds".

Stephen said: "We’ve got people of all ages, from different backgrounds.

“Some got on like a house on fire. Some wanted to set each other’s houses on fire.

“Every day ends with The Night Cap at the bar, when the contestants have a chance to swap cases.”

The tension didn't stop in the evening though, with the pairs brought together to make their choices.

Contestant Claire added: "The Night Cap was always full of drama.”

Host Stephen has been keeping busy, and he recently admitted he's happy to keep busy because he's terrified of being "stuck in the same thing".

As well as his presenting roles, he's also a radio host, actor and children's author.

He told HELLO! magazine: "I have a low boredom threshold and love the fact that at my age I’m still getting offered stuff I’ve never done before.

“I have a fear of being stuck in the same thing. For some people that’s calming and reassuring – we all have mortgages and bills to pay and I know some people find it hard without a routine or steady income.

“Careers also rise and fall and maybe I won’t get any work for a while. But I relish that challenge.

“I constantly need to stretch myself. I don’t know where I’ll be next year and I like not knowing.”

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