Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff reportedly expressed safety concerns on the day of his horror crash.

Freddie Flintoff reportedly expressed concerns before his crash

Freddie Flintoff reportedly expressed concerns before his crash

The 45-year-old star suffered serious injuries after flipping an open-topped car for a 'Top Gear' feature in December, and an insider has now revealed that the former England cricketer expressed concerns before the crash at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

The source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "Freddie voiced his worries about the safety of the stunt on set on the day of the accident.

"He questioned whether or not it was OK, given the vehicle and conditions on the track. He was apprehensive before he got behind the wheel and production staff at the track were aware of this."

Freddie developed a daredevil reputation after he joined 'Top Gear' in 2019.

But the ex-England captain felt nervous before getting behind the wheel in December, and it's now unclear whether 'Top Gear' will ever return.

The insider shared: "He was obviously used to taking part in these stunts during his time on the show, but alarm bells were ringing. It has been openly discussed since the accident by 'Top Gear' employees, who are in doubt whether the show will ever return to screens."

Meanwhile, Freddie recently joined the coaching staff of the England cricket team.

David Lloyd, the former England coach, has even suggested that Freddie could turn his back on his TV career entirely, after quitting 'Top Gear'.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "I think that’s the way he’s looking. He’s done telly, he’s done boxing. This is a perfect time for him to come back. I’m a big advocate for iconic players like that to spend some time away from the game and then come back."

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