Keeley Hawes has turned to Pilates and boxing in an effort to "look after" herself.

Keeley Hawes has turned to reformer Pilates in an effort to 'look after herself'

Keeley Hawes has turned to reformer Pilates in an effort to 'look after herself'

The 'Bodyguard' star has been feeling "a bit out of sorts sometimes" and experiencing headaches of late, but admitted drinking water has helped, and she recently took part in her first ever first reformer Pilates class, which is done using a machine rather than a mat.

She told The Times newspaper: "I’m 47, so I’m getting headaches and feeling a bit out of sorts sometimes - but actually, it makes a big difference if you remember to drink a lot of water."

Speaking about reformer Pilates, she said: "I thought, ‘I’m going to get caught up in a tangled mess here and turn into a meme’ - but actually, it was great.

"I’ve tried boxing before, and I quite like that, because it’s an exercise where you’re thinking about something, so you’re not thinking about the exercise. So yeah, I’m making an effort to look after myself."

The former 'Line of Duty' actress admits she can't help but "find things wrong" with her own reflection when she is sat in the make-up chair for hours before filming, so she tries to "find distractions".

She said: "When you’re on a job for six months, you’ve got no choice but to spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of a mirror.

"You see yourself first thing in the morning, and sometimes you’re sitting there for two hours. And you know, it’s fun, and you’re creating a character - but actually, you’re doing something unnatural by staring at your own reflection. Of course, you’ll start to find things wrong with it.

"So I take that quite seriously and I try to find distractions, while make-up artists do their job."

In August, Keeley - who has two kids, Maggie, 18, and Ralph, 16, with her fellow actor husband Matthew Macfadyen, and son Myles, 22, from a previous marriage to DJ Spencer McCallum - admitted she doesn't want to act "forever", because there are "other things" she'd like to take the time to pursue.

She told You magazine: "I don’t want to do it forever.

"I love it, I’ve been really lucky but over the past couple of years, like lots of people, you think, “God, life is short and you’re only here once” - if you believe that, which I do - and there might be other avenues to explore.

"I’ll be 50 in a minute. There might be other things out there for me."