Louis Walsh has blasted Duchess Catherine's uncle Gary Goldsmith.

Louis Walsh blasts Gary Goldsmith

Louis Walsh blasts Gary Goldsmith

The pair were housemates on the most recent season of 'Celebrity Big Brother' but music manager Louis, 71, admitted he was baffled about why Gary was on the show.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "The person that I would least like to hang out with is Gary [Goldsmith]. He wouldn’t listen, he kept telling the same old joke all the time. There was nothing to the man; he shouldn’t have been there — he should have known not to be there. It is not his world."

Louis also had harsh words for some of his other fellow contestants.

He said: "Nikita [Kuzmin] and Fern [Britton] wanted it the most — they played to the cameras.

"Fern is OK. I mean she desperately wanted to win. She was wallpaper — she doesn’t give you anything.

“Nikita is very ambitious but I think he will become a star, a TV presenter — he can do it all. I love Levi Roots he is a totally genuine man, very placid, outgoing, and really got on with Colson Smith. We’ve swapped numbers.”

Meanwhile, Gary pulled out of the live 'Celebrity Big Brother' final on Friday (22.03.24) after his niece, Catherine, Princess of Wales, announced her cancer diagnosis.

Gary wrote on X (formerly Twitter): "Following today’s news, I will not be attending tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother final. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my fellow housemates and to everyone involved in the making of this brilliant show. I hope you all enjoy your special night."